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American Diabetes Association – WTF?!

What was the American Diabetes Association here in Dallas thinking?!  Actually, this was from a few years ago, so hopefully this is an isolated incident! My hunch is it wasn’t anything their staff did – it was more likely a well-intended but misguided donation from a clueless vendor.

My husband (Type 1 diabetes since age 10) attended ADA’s Tour de Cure cycling fundraiser kickoff here in Dallas and brought back this picture of the refreshments.

Worth noting: practically everyone in attendance 1) has diabetes and 2) is extremely health-conscious. These folks invented the concept of “sometimes” foods and their idea of “sometimes” is once or twice a year. Weekly “cheat” days – nope, not these folks.

So no surprise that the treats were completely untouched even as the meeting ended.

Click the photo to zoom in.

American Diabetes Association serves cookies, brownies and more!

Feel free to add your funny comments or better yet, tell us about similar examples you’ve seen!