The Business of Wellness

woman shocked by price increase

How To Raise Prices Without Losing Fitness and Wellness Customers

Here's how to raise prices in your health, fitness or wellness business. Clue #1: don't do THIS: TYPICAL BADLY-PLANNED & POORLY-COMMUNICATED PRICE INCREASE ANNOUNCEMENT: (more…)
GMB message bubble

The Top 3 Reasons Your Health, Fitness, or Wellness Biz Should Use Google My Business Messaging, Especially Now

Of course, by now, your Google My Business (GMB) profile is active and optimized, updated regularly, and monitored for reviews and other customer contact, right?...

The Top 6 Features in GMB for Health & Wellness Businesses in Times of COVID-19

Google has been busy adding and expanding features in Google My Business to address the COVID-19 pandemic. And consumers are going online to check information...

The COVID-19 Action Plan for Health & Wellness Businesses

Brick-and-mortar health clubs, yoga studios, wellness centers and medical offices suddenly find themselves facing existential challenges. Your customers, clients and members have suddenly vanished, thanks...

Five Winning Wellness Webinar Strategies

Webinars can enhance your image, help close sales, retain customers and build your network. They're truly a vitamin for your wellness business! Choose the right...
ADA website accessibility explainer

Explainer: ADA Website Accessibility For Health, Wellness, Fitness & Medical Businesses

You already know that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires health clubs, yoga studios, medical practices and others to accommodate people with ADA-qualified disabilities....
Google Local 3-Pack 2019

Google My Business: What Your Wellness Business Missed in 2019

We've said for several years that capitalizing on every Google My Business feature available is the single most important online marketing priority for most local...

How To Optimize Health, Fitness & Wellness Content for Local Search

Say you run a health club, wellness center or fitness business. Are your blog posts optimized for local reach⁠—or broad reach?  Unfortunately, the answer is...
channel ROI

How To Track Multi-Channel Club Marketing ROI

Was it the Google Ad that turned them from a prospect into your next health club member? Maybe it was that special-offer email. Or that...