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Is Your SEO, PPC & Facebook Advertising Falling Behind?

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Why Google’s Bar Is Higher For Health & Wellness Businesses

Familiar with "Your Money or Your Life"? YMYL is Google's nickname for health and wellness websites. How about EAT? "Expertise, Authority, & Trust." That's what...

Don’t Wait! Teach Your Wellness Staff How to Discuss Weight With Skill and Care

Every fitness, wellness or health business that works with overweight and/or obese clientele should add this obesity and health discussion guide to their must-read list....

SEO for Health Clubs: More Than Just Keywords

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The Secret Menu: How Anti-Marketing Strengthens Customer Loyalty

If you've ever been a REALLY loyal patron at a restaurant, you know that most have "secret menus", not-on-the-menu items that only the regulars know...

27 Ways Wellness Businesses Demotivate & Undermine Their Employees

That pain in your big toe? You're shooting yourself in the foot. Day 1, your wellness hires are excited and enthusiastic. Six months later, resentful...

Sweating the Details: Why Doing Just One Thing Right Is a Good Way to Grow Your Business

If your club has deep pockets and lots of employees, it's a lot easier to guarantee warm, fresh towels, sparkling clean and working equipment, and pizza party Fridays....

How Blogs/Social Media Convert Wellness Prospects Into Customers

Most health and fitness businesses know that regular blog/Facebook posts are supposed to miraculously attract prospective clients, patients and members and grow their revenues and...

Top Revenue Growth Strategies For Fitness, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Businesses

So you want revenue growth in your wellness business. More customers? Different customers? New programs? What's the best answer? (more…)