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Top Revenue Growth Strategies For Fitness, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Businesses

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What Hansel & Gretel's Breadcrumbs Teach Wellness Businesses About Integrated Online Marketing

Why aren't clients beating a path to your health club, yoga studio, or weight loss clinic? Time for a lesson in integrated online marketing from our good friends...

Fitness Marketing Lessons from Extreme Athlete and Strongman Competitions

The modern Olympic pentathlon, which features fencing, swimming, horseback riding, pistol shooting, and running, got its start as a trial of military readiness. They were the...

How Quickly Does Your Wellness Biz Respond to Phone Calls and Emails?

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How To Top-Rank Your Organic Fitness & Wellness Content On Google

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Customer Perspective: How Your Customers Experience Your Fitness, Wellness or Health Club

Sometimes it takes every moment you have just to keep the balls in the air when you manage your own business. And the big picture,...

Email Fail! Top Ten Technical Errors In Email Marketing

The good news: Service providers like Emma, GetResponse, VerticalResponse, MailChimp and Constant Contact make email marketing for health clubs, yoga studios, wellness centers and other...

When Digital Marketing Isn’t Right for Your Health Club

Digital marketing for health clubs is awesome, right? You can target prospects by demographics, household income, interests and more, then deliver a tailored message, and...

Forget-me-nots: 5 Good Reasons to Drop Discounts and Focus on Existing Customers

Special offers should be just that: special. Next time your fitness or wellness business decides to offer greatly reduced fees for new members, think about who's winning...