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Holiday Marketing Suggestions For Wellness Businesses

Below you'll find some great holiday marketing suggestions from readers last week.  Add yours in the comments section below (and we never disclose your email address)....

Gold's Gym, Part 2: Ballroom Dancers and Bodybuilders

Last week I wrote about mixed messages at my local Gold's Gym as it tries to appeal to both bodybuilders and soccer moms. It's a real-life example of what happens when your business strategy and marketing tell one story, yet customers...

Disability vs Disease – Which Matters Most?

You probably thought that living to 100 meant dodging the bullets of diabetes, stroke, heart disease and other diseases related to age. (more…)

The Ultimate Wellness Business

Here at Radial we think the wellness business of the future will do five things: (more…)

Do All Those Health Tips Increase Longevity? Yes.

Ask your clients to give themselves a point for each statement that describes them: I don't currently smoke.I'm physically active.I drink alcohol in moderation.I eat...

Did Your Wellness Business Just Irritate, Confuse, Exhaust or Stress Out a Customer?

This week's newsletter looks at sales processes that make it even harder for customers to buy from your wellness business. You know the kind of...

Exercise Excuses? Another Perspective…

Provoking new ad from Nike features UW-Whitewater basketball player Matt Scott. Watch it and then read some of the comments we received from newsletter subscribers:...

Forget The Obesity Statistics…

I don't need to see the statistics. I grew up in Mississippi - where a third of the population is now obese. (more…)

Licensed Characters Promote Kids' Fruit & Veggies

I've always thought that we'd know the tide had turned in favor of common sense and good health when cartoon characters promoted fruits and veggies...