The Business of Wellness


Advertising: Don't Try This At Home (Or In Your Business)

I've seen two really funny -- but instructive -- examples of bad advertising for fitness centers recently. Both of these advertising idiocies were committed by large national...

Dog Groomers, Personal Trainers & Licensing

A Dallas couple recently filed a lawsuit against Petco after their dog died following use of a cage dryer. (more…)

When Marketing Runs Amok…

I've recently seen three examples recently of marketing that were probably very well-intentioned and yet completely defeated the purpose. Food for thought as you think...

Why New Buying Decisions Are Bad

I currently have a bank account with a large national bank chain. I've been a customer for about ten years with a spotless banking record....

Changing The Rules Of The Game

When your customers choose your health club or wellness center, they have a certain set of expectations about the products and services you're going to...

If You Can't Say Something Nice…

I'm one of those folks who avoids brick-and-mortar shopping like the plague during the holiday season. If I can't get it via catalog or the...

An Apple iPad A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Wait! Come back! This entry has absolutely nothing to do with getting your 5-9 daily servings of fruits & veggies! (more…)

No Cheating On The Final Exam

Remember high school? I bet at some point you either copied someone else's test answer or discovered that your neighbor had copied yours. (more…)

Outrunning The Bear

You know, in our line of work noticing good--and bad--customer service is really an occupational hazard. Finding examples of bad service is like shooting fish...