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Nautilus Apparel & The Problem With Wellness Marketing

Marketing copy only an engineer could love, a website that makes it hard to buy, plus images of only the super-fit. Bad, bad, bad marketers!...

Advertising: Don't Try This At Home (Or In Your Business)

I've seen two really funny -- but instructive -- examples of bad advertising for fitness centers recently. Both of these advertising idiocies were committed by large national...

Dog Groomers, Personal Trainers & Licensing

A Dallas couple recently filed a lawsuit against Petco after their dog died following use of a cage dryer. (more…)

When Marketing Runs Amok…

I've recently seen three examples recently of marketing that were probably very well-intentioned and yet completely defeated the purpose. Food for thought as you think...

Why New Buying Decisions Are Bad

I currently have a bank account with a large national bank chain. I've been a customer for about ten years with a spotless banking record....

Changing The Rules Of The Game

When your customers choose your health club or wellness center, they have a certain set of expectations about the products and services you're going to...

If You Can't Say Something Nice…

I'm one of those folks who avoids brick-and-mortar shopping like the plague during the holiday season. If I can't get it via catalog or the...

An Apple iPad A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Wait! Come back! This entry has absolutely nothing to do with getting your 5-9 daily servings of fruits & veggies! (more…)

No Cheating On The Final Exam

Remember high school? I bet at some point you either copied someone else's test answer or discovered that your neighbor had copied yours. (more…)