Informal Athletic Events: Really Great Idea or Big Headache?


One step above a flash mob, several steps below the Boston Marathon. Informal events don’t require event permits, road closures, advance approval, or cost thousands of dollars. Instead, they rely on Facebook, Twitter, mobile apps and email marketing to elevate “just us friends” events like you and a few buddies would organize over the weekend…

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Non-Profit Marketing: Why Non-Profit Organizations Struggle


Big chronic disease non-profits — folks like the American Diabetes Association and others — are up against competition they don’t even recognize: empowered patients and supporters. The evolution of patient engagement and social platforms exposes fundamental flaws in their understanding of their cause, their stakeholders, and how to engage them.

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Can Health Fair Marketing Ever Pay Off?


The Radial Group provides management training on sales, marketing, operational and financial expertise for health and wellness businesses. We offer workshops and seminars, audio courses, how-to guides, newsletters, surveys, books, workbooks, coaching and consulting. Customers include wellness centers, health clubs, gyms and fitness centers, weight loss, weight management and diet programs, healthcare providers, lifestyle and personal development programs, and workplace wellness and corporate wellness providers, physicians, dietitians, physical therapists, chiropractors, physiatrists, personal trainers, mind/body studios, alternative, holistic and complementary medicine, retailers, massage therapists and life coaching.

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