The COVID-19 Action Plan for Health & Wellness Businesses

Brick-and-mortar health clubs, yoga studios, wellness centers and medical offices suddenly find themselves facing existential challenges. Your customers, clients and members have suddenly vanished, thanks to their own good judgement or governmental stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders. It will be 12-18 months before life looks anything like “normal” so pulling the sheets up over your head…

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Explainer: ADA Website Accessibility For Health, Wellness, Fitness & Medical Businesses

ADA website accessibility explainer

You already know that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires health clubs, yoga studios, medical practices and others to accommodate people with ADA-qualified disabilities. However, most businesses focus only on the ADA’s impact on their brick-and-mortar facilities. They’re aware that their facilities need to provide access for people who use wheelchairs, and they understand…

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Google My Business: What Your Wellness Business Missed in 2019

Google Local 3-Pack 2019

We’ve said for several years that capitalizing on every Google My Business feature available is the single most important online marketing priority for most local fitness, wellness and medical businesses. Alas, a quick scan of the listings in every major city reveals that most of your peers are still missing out on most of these…

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How To Track Multi-Channel Club Marketing ROI

Was it the Google Ad that turned them from a prospect into your next health club member? Maybe it was that special-offer email. Or that Facebook post. No, wait: it was probably the Facebook ad! Or maybe that amazing blog post on the benefits of exercise (probably not). You’re spending time and money on all…

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Eight Reasons Fitness & Health Websites Don’t Work

Wondering if your yoga, fitness, weight loss or medical website has the right stuff? Watch out for these landmines. 1. Superficial, generic content or marketing “fluff” Your wellness business’s website content exists for a reason: to compel visitors to take action. Every piece of content should do a job: Tell users who are ready to…

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Weight Loss Programs: The Local Search, SEO & PPC Cheat Sheet

What local search and SEO best practices do the best-marketed gyms, health clubs and fitness centers get right? We dug into real data from fitness businesses in the 10 largest U.S. cities: Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Jose and San Diego. We studied actual site visits to the…

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The 2019 Small Business Guide to Health, Fitness & Wellness Marketing

Marketing continues to change for the health and wellness industry as new ways to engage with members and potential members emerge and existing methods change. Here are four marketing trends to watch in 2019: 1. What comes after Facebook? It’s one thing for people to know that Facebook shows you ads based on your interests.…

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Mobile, Voice, IOT: The New Health & Wellness Website Content Rules

mobile, voice, IOT web content

People searching online for gyms, doctors, weight loss programs and wellness centers are raising the bar for your marketing content strategy. A million years ago, content was easy. Your website was the only game in town. Stuff the right keywords in your meta tags, sprinkle them liberally on every page, and you were good. But,…

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