Trend Based Fitness Marketing: Lessons from "Runcations"


Runcations. Go to a foreign country, do some sightseeing, run a marathon. Lather, rinse, and repeat on all seven continents. It’s a very successful little industry. Not coaching runners, and you don’t want to be in the travel business? There’s still something any fitness or wellness outfit can learn from this business model.

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Can Graded Exercise Testing Predict Risk of Death?


Cardiologists at John Hopkins have been able to take the data from a graded exercise test, run it through a newly developed algorithm, and estimate one’s risk of dying over the next ten years. Um…wow! It’s remarkable and a tad bit unsettling at the same time.

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Ten WordPress Plugins Your Wellness Website Needs


If your fitness or wellness business has a website, chances are pretty good you’re using WordPress to manage updates to it. You can get more from your WordPress-based website from plugins — but which plugins do you really need? There are literally thousands to choose from! We looked at many of the most popular types of plugins,…

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Educating Your Clients: Chronic Exercise Can Ease Chronic Pain

You always KNEW this was true and now there’s proof: a new study has been published concluding that endurance exercise increases pain tolerance. Perhaps this is obvious on an anecdotal basis, but actually seeing it proven is nice validation for wellness and fitness professionals, trainers and athletes.

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The Inverse Relationship Between Weight and Wages For Women


As wellness and health professionals, you know the health issues that overweight and obese folks deal with. But how often do you consider the other battles they contend with, such as negative stereotypes (lazy, no self-control), “fat” jokes, and unkind judgments by some of their thinner peers?

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Think About It: What We Tell Ourselves Changes Everything

The Mayo Clinic recently showed this healthcare related video at its annual symposium. It uses one script. It runs through it forward and then reverses it…and the whole meaning changes. Spectacularly well-done, it powerfully illustrates how an individual or a society can move from “Can we?” to “We can!”, just by how we THINK. Change…

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