Weight Loss Programs: The Local Search, SEO & PPC Cheat Sheet

What local search and SEO best practices do the best-marketed gyms, health clubs and fitness centers get right? We dug into real data from fitness businesses in the 10 largest U.S. cities: Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Jose and San Diego. We studied actual site visits to the…

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Detailed Obesity Tip Sheet For Health, Wellness Staff


This obesity tip sheet is an excellent resource for your fitness, wellness or health staff that work with folks who are obese. Compiled by the Bariatric Resource Team of Alberta Health Services, this obesity tip sheet includes recommendations specific to those clients who are obese or severely overweight. Many people living with obesity experience significant…

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The Inverse Relationship Between Weight and Wages For Women


As wellness and health professionals, you know the health issues that overweight and obese folks deal with. But how often do you consider the other battles they contend with, such as negative stereotypes (lazy, no self-control), “fat” jokes, and unkind judgments by some of their thinner peers?

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Healthy Checkout Makes Healthy Choices Easier

Here’s a creative way to nudge habits towards a healthier lifestyle – a few select Walmarts in West Virginia worked with the local health department to swap the usual junk food display at the register for healthier fare.

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