Troubleshooting The Sales & Marketing Cycle In Your Wellness Business


Finding more customers can feel like learning to drive a stick shift. You’re mashing the accelerator…generating lots of noise and vibration…but the car just doesn’t move. Don’t feel stuck. Instead, learn how to locate the source of sales and marketing problems and where to prioritize “fix it” efforts. Here are some pointers on how to…

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Catching the Mail Truck: What to Do When Your Big Break Comes


We’ve all seen it: the breakout exercise gadget, the fitness craze out of nowhere, the low-carb, fat-burning workout everyone seems to have ignored. And overnight, they’re on talk TV, in stores, and everyone has one. Except it doesn’t work that way. When big sales and marketing breaks come, it’s because those it came to were…

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But We're DIFFERENT! How Uniqueness Can Kill Your Wellness Brand


As an industry, health and wellness is… different. We have HIPAA concerns and our products and services directly affect our customers’ health. And when it works, wellness businesses change hearts and minds, improve lives, and create a happier, healthier world. But when it comes to strategy, business planning and operations, difference can be our enemy.

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