The Secret Menu: How Anti-Marketing Strengthens Customer Loyalty


If you’ve ever been a REALLY loyal patron at a restaurant, you know that most have “secret menus”, not-on-the-menu items that only the regulars know about.  Knowing about — and ordering from — the secret menu identifies you as part of a privileged elite for which the business would do practically anything. Do you have customers like…

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Better-Than-Face-To-Face Customer Service

This is how online customer service SHOULD work.  Food for thought: does your customer service live up to this standard, online OR in-person? Gold’s Gym, I’m looking at you. Life Time Fitness, I’m looking at you. Corporate wellness providers, I’m looking at you.

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Rained Out! How to Turn Your "Big Fitness Non-Event" Into Promotional Gold


Has your fitness or wellness business ever put on an outdoor promotional event — at considerable expense — only to be rained out? It’s not enough just to have a “plan B.” Let’s face it, your “tai chi picnic” just doesn’t work as well indoors. But fear not! This may be an unexpected opportunity to advertise a fresh message to your…

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Wellness Program Launches: Macaroni Grill Shows You What Not To Do


We moved into our new house in March, and have been camping out in the kitchen while wood floors are installed. With the kitchen not really usable, we decided to live it up with a discount coupon for Macaroni Grill’s fairly new “Express Dinner.” And we learned a very valuable business principle: the importance of thinking through operational details. A…

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Try This: Prescription Trails

This PR idea positions your wellness business squarely at the front of the battle against obesity and inactivity and gives you tons of networking and media opportunities. Prescription trails can be used as another tool to get folks to increase their activity levels, plus they get to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Try This: Homework Selling – Singling Out Really-Ready Wellness Clients


You’ve probably spent hundreds – heck, thousands – of hours talking to potential clients who said “Sounds great, I’m ready to make changes.” And then…they never committed. Or they signed up, and then dropped out after a couple of sessions. Or they came to a few classes – but kept talking about the same issues…

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Lessons From The Food Network For Wellness Businesses

One year while visiting my wonderful in-laws in Mississippi for the holidays, I watched a marathon rerun of the previous season’s  “Next Food Network Star”. The basic idea: judges eliminate one of ten contestants weekly, based on that episode’s cooking challenge. The last chef left standing gets his or her own Food Network show. Guess what?…

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