Training Loyal Members to Be Ambassadors for Your Fitness Brand


Do you ever wonder where those glowing testimonials come from? You know, the ones that come from the heart, and make sales and marketing so easy they’re almost unnecessary? It starts with knowing who your club’s most devoted fans are, engaging and cultivating a mutually rewarding business relationship with them, and letting things happen naturally. Here’s how:

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Does Your Health Club Need Digital Care?


Digital care harnesses technology to anticipate and eradicate the sources of friction that undermine your members’ success. It spans the entire customer experience, proactively addressing customer needs and issues. The payoff can include greater revenue, loyalty, profitability, reputation, and lower expenses. Who wouldn’t want that? Before you answer, consider whether your club is ready for the changes you’d have to make.

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Let's Call The Whole Thing Off: When Your Wellness Business Has Customer Myopia


Sometimes wellness business leaders drink too much of their own Kool-Aid. They’re so passionate about their vision that they no longer see the priorities of their clients, members and customers clearly. It’s like that old song about an engaged couple: “you say to-MAY-to, I say to-MAH-to, let’s call the whole thing off.” (lyrics, video) Wondering…

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Better-Than-Face-To-Face Customer Service

This is how online customer service SHOULD work.  Food for thought: does your customer service live up to this standard, online OR in-person? Gold’s Gym, I’m looking at you. Life Time Fitness, I’m looking at you. Corporate wellness providers, I’m looking at you.

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Do Your Personal Trainers Know "Personal" as Much as They Do "Training"?


Do the personal trainers who work at your health club, fitness studio or wellness center have all the skills they need to be effective? Of course, they have their credentials; they’re certified and have studied in exercise physiology, kinesiology and nutrition. They know how to create a workout regimen tailored to the client’s fitness level…

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