Jumpstart Your Health Club’s Digital Marketing Biometrics


Member biometrics let your health club give targeted advice to improve individual results. Marketing biometrics help you understand your prospects’ behavior so you can grow your membership and revenues faster. Here’s how to develop your own dashboard of digital marketing biometrics, built around eight key questions:

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When Live Video Meets Club Marketing & Member Service


Should your club jump on the live video bandwagon? Services like Facebook Live and Periscope have upped the ante on video by taking it to the streets, in the moment, when and where things are happening. Whether or not you should start streaming is a question of content, not popularity or even technology.

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Are Wellness Blogs Still Relevant?


“Blogging is so yesterday. It’s all about social now.” True, or false? It’s a question that’s uniquely important in health and wellness, where engagement and trust spell the difference between success and failure.

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Everybody's Talking: Social Listening for Health Clubs


Your health club’s built a social media presence. You post updates, class schedules, and offers. You run contests and pin photos of real people loving your facility. Your team scans the latest posts, every day. But are you hearing everything they’re saying? If a complaint went viral — or you had the chance to spot a trend…

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