Mind Over Matter: The Mind-Body Connection, Athletes & Stress


As a health and wellness professional, you’ve touted the benefits of exercise. Exercising the body improves muscle tone, cardiovascular health and the immune system, to name a few. And working out also helps the brain by reducing stress levels. Now a new study on mindfulness indicates that training the mind is good for the body.

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Yoga and Mind-Body Practices Under A Microscope


Mind-body practitioners have always asserted that what helps or hurts the mind helps or hurts the body, and vice-versa. That assertion will be put under a microscope literally and figuratively as researchers continue to examine therapeutic applications and outcomes from yoga, Pilates and other popular mind-body practices. Without a doubt, this heightened attention translates to…

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Need a Yoga Partner? Here's An Idea

This feel-good/animal/yoga vid is a well done and short (not quite 3 minutes) compilation of yogis who are earnestly performing their sun salutations, hand stands and other asanas, much to the delight of their dogs and cats, who can’t wait to join in.  The real question here is, what did you EXPECT your furry friends to do?…

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