About Radial

Our story & values.

Back in 2003...


Leslie Nolen & Don Muchow
Radial's founders

...we founded Radial, specifically to help health and wellness businesses of all sizes and budgets build financially successful businesses that could change as many lives as possible.

Our team helps you find new customers and increase website traffic with Google and Facebook pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and local search campaigns.

Why wellness is different

Why? Because we realized that traditional marketing approaches to health and wellness just weren't effective.

Connecting people to health and wellness simply isn't like selling pizza, or computers, or auto repair.

High-pressure, manipulative sales tactics don't work. "How low can you go" discounts don't work, either. In fact, tactics like these actually turn off potential health and wellness clients.

Selling wellness successfully means rethinking traditional marketing approaches, updating them with our unique perspective on what makes health and wellness members, patients and clients tick.

Decisions about health and wellness are the most personal decisions your members, clients and patients will ever make. Every customer's life experience and motivation is unique.

The same-old same-old marketing messages and stereotypes that might work for hamburgers or haircuts don't work in health and wellness. Not every woman wants a "bikini body in time for summer." Not everyone with diabetes is overweight. Not everyone wants to "fall into fitness" just because it's October.

You really have to understand where your best-fit client, patient or member is coming from. For example:

  • What's their life experience been like?
  • What has their experience with health and wellbeing been like?
  • What's really motivating them?
  • What obstacles hold them back or derail them?
  • What will make them successful?

Then -- and only then -- you can successfully connect with them.

(We have more to say about why wellness is different.)

Radial's values

The things we care about haven't changed a bit since we first opened our doors.

  • Ethical: Of course our client agreement includes confidentiality provisions. But for the record: it doesn't take a piece of paper to keep us honest. Your ideas stay your ideas. Our discussions remain confidential. We avoid conflicts of interest by simply not accepting commissions or affiliate fees from vendors we use and/or recommend.
  • Objective: We share your excitement and energy. But we’re not “yes men.” If we think your business is heading in the wrong direction, we say so. We have turned down potential clients, and we have warned against marketing strategies that we knew would fail, even though it cost us revenue.
  • Realistic: No silver bullets, surprises or gotchas — just realistic ideas and plans, clearly communicated. We think overpromising and underdelivering is one of the worst sins a marketing professional can commit.
  • Driven by data: The best decisions are the ones supported by actual data. A display ad might be pretty -- but does it convert? That video on your website might be trendy -- but how much of it do site visitors actually watch...and what action do they take after they watch it?
  • Transparent: We always want you to know how the campaigns we manage for you are doing. Each client has access to our real-time key performance indicator (KPI) reporting portal. If you wake up at 3 AM and want to know how many conversions rolled in yesterday -- go for it!