In the old days, building a website was hard and expensive. Now it isn’t.

website graphicThese days, if you’ve picked the right website platform, you should never have to pay a developer to update simple text content on your site. And if your in-house team has a moderate amount of technical savvy, they ought to be able to quickly and easily update images without involving a developer. And they certainly ought to be able to add and update new products on your e-commerce platform.

This is all stuff that used to be difficult and is now pretty straightforward, particularly when you choose hosted solutions where you pay a well-established service provider a monthly fee to do things like host your WordPress website or provide e-commerce capabilities.

Yes, you can still purchase actual software, and then have your developer install it on your website. But now you’ve got to stay on top of bug fixes and security patches. And let’s hope your developer isn’t flaky, unreliable, or ridiculously expensive.

All of those issues go away with good hosted solutions. Your service provider continually updates the software, so you get features, bug fixes and security patches. And they’re constantly improving their ability to integrate to other popular web tools.

You don’t have to worry about any of that, which gives you time to focus on your actual fitness, nutrition or wellness business.


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