Educating Your Clients: Chronic Exercise Can Ease Chronic Pain

You always KNEW this was true and now there’s proof: a new study has been published concluding that endurance exercise increases pain tolerance. Perhaps this is obvious on an anecdotal basis, but actually seeing it proven is nice validation for wellness and fitness professionals, trainers and athletes.

Motivation is Key

This study from the University of New South Wales in Australia gives you another way to reach those folks who are in it for the health – they’re not the ones trying to lose weight. They aren’t the “die-hard” competitors. You know this group…they merely want to be healthier and feel better. Learning that regular exercise may help them in this unexpected way can serve as another motivational tool.

These findings support the notion that regular exercise not only improves our physical fitness, but it has a strong impact on us psychologically as well. It puts us more in tune with our body’s sensations (discomfort vs. pain). It makes us more mentally tough. And this higher level of physical awareness helps us to heal and get through physically uncomfortable situations with less anxiety and stress.