We often teach wellness, health and fitness businesses how to use social media to be an effective business and marketing tool. So when we came across this article about new ways to use LinkedIn, we wanted to share it. LinkedIn logoIt’s not wellness oriented, but good advice. The author explains how to utilize LinkedIn as a resource that goes beyond marketing and networking.
One of these methods could be just what your wellness or fitness business needs. For instance, did you know you can do polls with LinkedIn? You can find out if your clients would rather have larger locker rooms or a new spa with the upcoming expansion. Perhaps you want to gather information about other businesses like yours to see how you measure up and use that information accordingly (they have 12 yoga instructors to our 5). Or, maybe you’ve narrowed down the field for your new gym manager and you can’t decide between the last three candidates. Using LinkedIn to get a bit more background information could bring instant clarity.

Marketing and networking are the obvious benefits. Why not see how else your business could capitalize on what it has to offer.