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Free online chat for fitness & wellness businesses & medical practices where you can get answers to your most pressing sales, marketing & business strategy questions.

How it works

What: Success Hours is a free online chat. Only you (and us) see your conversation.

How: At the scheduled date and time, click the Chat button in the lower right corner and start typing! We'll be online and ready to go!

Pro tips

  • This is your chance to ask questions about SEO, blogging, Google or social media advertising, website content, competition, customer retention, pricing, advertising, overcoming sales objections....whatever's on your mind.
  • Plan your question in advance and be as specific as possible.
  • If you want our opinion on a Facebook ad or blog post, etc., have it ready to email to us during the chat.
  • Give us context so we can tailor our advice: what kind of wellness business? How big? Kinda new, or well-established? You get the idea.

Upcoming Success Hours Schedule

All dates 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM CT

Last Friday of every month in 2023!

Actual topics we've addressed, raised by real wellness businesses

From health clubs, women's wellness centers, yoga studios, chiropractors, nutritionists, weight loss programs, health coaches, obesity & pain management physicians, psychologists and many others.

How to decide if/when to run Google Ads

How to market on a very VERY tight budget

How to keep clients during COVID

How to launch a new program

How to market without social media

How to implement chat, push notifications, video libraries, etc. on your website

How to add a website banner

How to host a successful open house

How to do simple social posts myself

How to raise prices without losing customers

Plus questions like these

What do you think of this Facebook post?

Is this a good Google My Business description?

What should we charge for new service "X"?

Should we worry about this new business that just opened up?

How can we get more website traffic?

How can we keep customers when they're worried about money?

Dial in your targeting, story, calls-to-action & offers