Facebook & Social Media Ads

Hint: It's not like Google Ads.

  • Fast, affordable awareness & site visits from target audience
  • Create instant "they get me" connections with leads
  • Tell your story with unique imagery & copy that resonates
  • Ongoing optimization to increase response rates
  • 24/7 real-time KPI reporting included

Connect the dots between heart, mind and wallet.

Affordable social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram lets your health, fitness or wellness business connect the dots among the customer's heart, mind and wallet in unique ways.

Selling to employers or other businesses? LinkedIn is your best bet. It combines highly-targeted lead generation campaigns built around your authoritative content and webinars, downloads and other content marketing strategies.

How do Facebook Ads compare to Google Ads?

Facebook is the best place to connect with people when they're just starting to think about a health or wellness priority -- long before they're ready to buy.

Highly-effective video ads influence and keep you top of mind as they gradually move towards action.

Google Ads are great for Sales.Right.Now. They appeal most to people who are already seriously considering a purchase.

You can use Google ads to stay top of mind with prospects earlier in the sales process, long before they're seriously considering a purchase -- but it's often not cost-effective.


An underutilized option: Facebook remarketing.

Facebook ads are good for more than initial lead generation!

Social media remarketing to people who have already visited your website or Facebook page is often more effective than Google Ads remarketing, and nearly always much less expensive.

Studies have shown that multichannel marketing -- for example, via your website and Facebook, instead of one or the other -- is much more effective than sticking to just one channel.


A complete solution so you can stop worrying.

We take care of your entire Facebook ad campaign, including:

  • Unique video and carousel advertising tailored to your wellness business and specifically designed to engage your target customer
  • Persuasive copywriting that influences your potential client or member
  • Unique graphics and high-resolution licensed stock images (although "real" pictures from your own business are always best!)
  • Licensed music
  • Detailed campaign setup and configuration, including customized audience and placement selection
  • Ongoing campaign management to maximize response rate