Google My Business Full Professional Optimization

On average, health & wellness businesses use less than half of Google My Business features.


"We don't have time, we don't know how, and I need to be talking to my customers, not Googling Google My Business!"

Actual Google My Business Feature Usage
by Health & Wellness Businesses
Source: Radial's "Health & Wellness Lead Generation: 50-State Usage Study," May 2021

Actual Google My Business usage by health, fitness, wellness businesses

Why isn't our basic listing good enough?

Sure, you can skip the parts you're not sure about. Put it off again. Cross your fingers that the intern gets it right. (He didn't.)

Google My Business is not yet another directory listing. It's packed with features that Google uses in sometimes less-than-obvious ways to help people discover your business, connect with you one-on-one, and ultimately become your customer.

That means every feature you SKIP or ignore is like a big rock in the middle of the road that stands between you and future members, or patients, or clients. It ALL counts, and it ALL helps bring you the right prospects.

For example, certain customized features can feed into Google's free "local 3-pack" which is the very first thing most people see in their search results. It's literally the next best thing to a paid Google Ad. And it's free!

But because you ignored a particular feature, or did a bad job of setting it up, every day it's not fixed is a day you're still missing out on highly visible placements like the Local Finder and Google Maps that you probably didn't even realize were based on your Google My Business listing.

A fully optimized Google My Business presence delivers more health & wellness prospects than any other marketing channel.


How your Google My Business Professional Optimization Package works


Command attention from real prospects

Our team blends your personalized interview with analysis of all your platforms—website, Facebook, Yelp, etc.—and our Google My Business know-how to optimize your listing with the key content Google needs to connect you to the prospects likely to value your business the most.


So you can do what you do best.

Build relationships with prospects. Take care of your customers. Innovate new programs and services. Lead your team. Grow your business. Stay current in your field.

(And maybe, just maybe....take the weekend off once in awhile.)

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    Once you give us access to your listing and hold your Strategy Kickoff Call, we plan and complete your Google My Business optimization within 14 days.

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    Remember: after we complete your optimization, you've got 30 days of free support for ANY Google My Business or local search questions you have. 

Plans & Pricing

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Embed research-validated strengths & selling points
Extract maximum value from Google My Business
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Frequently-Asked Questions

What does the Kickoff Strategy Call involve?

The kickoff call lasts about 45 minutes. You can include key team members if you wish. We normally do videoconferences, but if you'd prefer audio that's fine. Just keep your webcam off or stick a piece of tape over it.

We'll ask lots of questions about things only you can tell us. For example:

"Tell us about one of your very best customers, someone you know tells other people about how great your business is."

"What are some of the most common questions potential clients ask?" 

Then, to come up with your optimization plan, we put your insights together with our own research into what your customers really prize about your specific approach, plus the details about your programs, services and business operations.

Can we use our Google My Business description on other sites?

Yes! Everything we create for your listing is YOURS. Feel free to use it anywhere you'd like to.

We've heard over and over that the business, service and program descriptions we write for clients are the first time anyone really captured what was special and standout about their wellness business.

So heck yes, you should absolutely re-use that content! You want consistent messages everywhere potential customers find you: your website, Google My Business listing, your Facebook business page, your Instagram page, etc.


Do we still have control over our listing?

100% yes. You always retain control of your listing. You have to give us access so we can optimize the listing, but you can and should revoke that access as soon as we finish your optimization. 

What if we don't have a business listing at all?
What if we have duplicate listings?

We can generally fix that for you. Just email us with the details.

What if we're having other problems with our Google My Business listing?

If you can't get past the verification step, your listing is suspended, you can't get listed because you're in shared space, or you're running into other issues, we can often help.

Just email us with the details.

What if we operate a franchise location?

It depends on the franchise and how much latitude you have to make changes under your franchise agreement. Email us with the details and we'll let you know if we can help.

What if we have multiple locations?

Drop us an email with the details and we'll provide a custom quote.

What if we sell products?

If you mostly sell services plus a few products, we can probably still help you. Examples: a yoga studio with a boutique, a health club with a retail area, a sports conditioning center with a pro shop, a chiropractic & physical therapy center that sells accessories for stretching and rehab.

If you only or mostly sell products, drop us an email with the details and we'll tell you upfront whether this service is a good fit. Example: a multi-level marketing business that sells nutritional supplements.

Questions? Chat or email us!