Landing Page & Conversion Optimization

Maximize qualified leads & sales.

  • Convert more clicks into qualified leads and paying customers
  • Define the simplest, most intuitive conversion sequence
  • Powerful copywriting that attracts people ready to buy
  • Branded, campaign-specific landing pages
  • Custom design -- without a website overhaul!

The simplest, most intuitive path to conversion.

Too often, organic and pay-per-click campaigns deliver site visitors to the home page or another overview page.

Simply substituting a professionally-developed campaign-specific landing page can lift conversion rates by 15 - 20% and often more.

Applying best practices to the entire click-to-conversion process often improves results even more.

What's your conversion rate?

Getting clicks is simple. What really counts are clicks from people who want to convert -- who want to take the next step in your sales process.

Do you know how many of your website's Google Ads or organic visitors:

  • Take the targeted next step, like requesting an appointment, trial membership, or assessment?
  • Ultimately turn into paying patients, members or clients?

Or which conversion paths were most successful and most profitable?

If you don't know -- or the numbers are discouraging -- conversion rate optimization is the answer.

The Two Causes of Low Click-to-Conversion Rates

What happens before your prospect responds to the call to action

What happens after your prospect responds to the call-to-action

Conversion optimization reduces sales friction in your online lead generation process, before your prospect makes contact with your business.

That lets you dial in your live sales interactions -- what happens after potential clients contact you.

Conversion rate optimization answers questions like these.

  • Which pages really engage your leads?
  • How long before potential customers paid your site a repeat visit?
  • How long before they responded to the call-to-action?
  • Which path around your site was most likely to lead to a conversion?
  • Which sequence of marketing channels -- for example, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, organic search, phone calls, website chat and direct search -- is most likely to lead to conversion?

The Conversion Rate Optimization Process

  • 1

    Search Query Analysis

    Identify the underlying search intent

  • 2

    Click Drilldown

    Assess on-page actions before and after click

  • 3

    Best Practices

    Apply proven techniques to landing page layout and content

  • 4

    Call-to-action tests

    Identify most relevant and effective "next steps"

  • 5

    Ongoing Variant Testing

    Trial landing page variants to sustain & increase CR

We develop and optimize landing pages designed to entice organic visitors and pay-per-click visitors to take the next step -- whether that's scheduling a tour, signing up for an initial assessment, starting an online chat with a health coach, or calling a sales rep.

Professional tools mean that we don't have to touch your website! We can create branded, customized and fully-optimized landing pages for your paid or organic inbound marketing campaigns.

Do you use HubSpot or another marketing automation platform? We can also develop content for those landing pages.

Landing Page Optimization

Good is never good enough. We continually optimize pages to maintain and improve conversion rates by trialing different messages, alternative calls-to-action, content variants, and more.

Conversion Best Practices

Landing page elements proven to increase conversion, from landing page copy, layout and content flow to product comparisons, calls-to-action (CTA) and offers, button design, two-step forms and more.