Competitor PPC Analysis & Search Rankings

Wondering how they're really doing?

  • Insights from massive data sets and pro analytical tools
  • Pick and choose specific competitors for analysis
  • Evaluate Google PPC, SEO and Facebook engagement
  • See how your wellness business stacks up.
  • One-time analysis or ongoing reporting available.

We have answers.

Online marketing really does require staying at least one step ahead of the other guys. But figuring out their advertising strategies and organic search success can be tough.

We can help you pinpoint how the "other guys" are doing, using massive professional datasets and specialized analytical tools designed specifically for digital marketing agencies.

These resources let us drill into current and historical details for

  • Competitors' websites
  • Competitors' Google Ads pay-per-click campaigns
  • Competitors' Facebook business pages
  • Online reputation

Tell us the names of the competitors you're wondering about. We can provide you with in-depth reports that tell you what they're doing, and how it compares to your weight loss program, personal training studio or healthy lifestyle program.

Get important insights, like:

  • Which of their Google Ads perform best?
  • How strong is their organic search visibility?
  • How effective is their social media engagement?
  • Which channels are they marketing in?
  • What do their customers think about them?

And more.

Find out how they're really doing.

That new health club, yoga studio, fitness boutique, pain clinic or treatment center looks like it's doing great, right?

Sparkly new website. Gorgeous facility. Primo location.

But the truth is that you can't tell just by looking.

Maybe their site visitors only glance for a second or two -- then move on.

Maybe they bought all those "Likes" on Facebook -- but their actual engagement is the pits.

Maybe they're growing because they're bidding on the right Google Ads keywords -- or maybe they're paying through the nose for a badly-managed Google Ads campaign that attracts the wrong kinds of site visitors.

The only way to find out is to see the data.