Search Engine Optimization

Much more than keywords.

  • Visibility: crawlability & indexation by Google
  • User experience: site speed, mobile responsiveness
  • Domain authority: Backlink adequacy and quality
  • Relevance: Content & keyword optimization
  • Results: Engagement metrics and conversion goals

Is your wellness business winning the race?

89% of your prospective clients, members or patients start with a Google search.

You're in a 24/7 race with your health, fitness and wellness competitors to convince Google that your site should show up higher on that search results page (SERP).


Google sets the bar higher for health, wellness & fitness businesses.

Many businesses and agencies don't realize that Google sets the bar higher for health and wellness sites -- labeled "Your Money or Your Life" sites by Google.

Content on these sites must be exceptionally expert, authoritative, and trustworthy because the visitor's life, happiness and financial wellbeing are at stake. For example, the July/August 2018 MEDIC algorithm update penalized health and wellness sites for poor content more than any other market segment.

Winning requires search engine optimization (SEO) that meets this higher standard: constantly tuning your website so it helps site visitors more than your competitors' sites do, as measured by hundreds of Google ranking signals.


Top search ranking is about content—and behavior.

Fifteen years ago, you could get a top search position by stuffing your website with keywords and lining up lots of worthless backlinks.

Today, Google constantly analyzes your site's content and usability -- plus your potential customer's online actions and behavior before, during and after their visit to your site.


How well does your site compare?

Google now uses 200+ nuanced signals like these to grade your site and determine its position in search rankings:

  • How long do new visitors stay on your site?
  • How much of your content do they truly engage with?
  • Do your site's visitors immediately search again after they visit your site -- or did your site seem to answer all their questions?
  • Was their next action a click-to-call to your business? Or did they return to that health club site they visited yesterday?
  • Did they sign up for your newsletter, or chat your sales rep...or look at a couple of pages for 30 seconds and move on?
  • Is it well-structured for Google indexing?
  • Is it fast enough?
  • Is it mobile-friendly?
  • And many more....

How we improve your SEO results.

Radial's search engine optimization services help you make sure that:

  • Your site's content fully anticipates what prospects look for
  • Its technical specs match Google's recommended best practices

Your SEO project begins with a deep discovery process that:

  • Identifies your most important and/or most profitable programs and services
  • Identifies the key features and benefits that set your health and wellness business apart
  • Analyzes your most successful customer profiles and personas

With that insight, we then use massive professional data sets and specialized analytical tools developed for digital marketing agencies to analyze your current website activity and search rankings—and compare them to your competitors.

And that's how we prioritize your site's SEO opportunities. We use only ethical optimization methods -- no cheats that put you in Google's penalty box or mislead you about how well your site's really doing.


Expert, authoritative, and trusted content grows your website traffic and inbound links.

When you dial in your site's content so that it fits site visitors like their favorite sweatpants, your business naturally moves up in the search rankings.

Our SEO services for healthcare, fitness, yoga, nutrition and wellness businesses are designed to help your website move up on Google's search engine results pages (SERP) -- so it's easy for potential clients to find you.

We optimize your website around the highest-performing content -- the content that does the best job of converting site visitors into paying customers.

Paired with local search optimization for gyms and fitness boutiques, wellness centers and concierge/direct pay medical practices and other health, fitness and wellness businesses, it's a home run for your website.

The solution for business invisibility.

"We know we could grow faster -- if only more people knew we were here."

If you've ever said that, you're in good company. We've heard that from health clubs, yoga studios, counseling practices, medical practices, chiropractors, women's wellness centers and just about everyone else.

When we take a quick look at their search rankings, their sites almost always show up on page 4...or 5...or 10. Now, you don't have to be in the top spot on page 1 to be visible -- but you do need to be on Page 1. Very few searchers ever venture beyond the first page of results.

If you're dealing with this issue, the right place to start is almost always search engine optimization of your website.

Since the benefits of SEO won't appear overnight, you can use pay-per-click advertising to bridge the gap until your website pages start to rank higher and deliver more prospective clients, members or patients.