Try This: Farm to Fitness Center (Produce Delivery)

Maybe you know about this: some companies are trying to make it easier for their employees to buy fresh, locally grown produce. Their aim is to make the healthier choice more convenient. And what’s more convenient than grabbing a bag of fresh produce on your way out the door at the end of the work day? A few cities in Texas have been doing it now for almost 10 years and it’s a popular program – there are waiting lists for new companies to join. There are similar set-ups in Washington and Arkansas. There’s probably many more throughout the country. The funding and pricing structure vary, but the biggest difference is that unlike most of the private produce delivery services that require a weekly or monthly fee, the workplace programs usually don’t call for that level of commitment.

And that makes sense when folks are changing or starting a new habit.

Just a thought – would a program like this make sense for your fitness center, health club or wellness business? If you have nutrition or weight loss programs, would a service such as this enhance it? Would your members jump at the chance to get a bag of fresh produce and perhaps some corresponding recipes after they finish their workout or nutrition seminar? After all, it saves them a stop at the store and it ties into the healthy lifestyle they’re trying to maintain.

Adding a new product or service is one way to increase revenue. If it sounds like a fit for your business, do some research and see if it makes sense financially.