Moon Joggers demonstrates a delightful way to combine social media and your wildest travel fantasy to motivate clients to get more exercise.

1) Pick a fun and exotic destination

Choose something unexpected. Maybe it’s the length of the Nile or the U.S. coast-to-coast or San Diego to the North Pole.

2) Spread the word!

Announce it on your Facebook page.

Tweet it.

Pin it on Pinterest.

Put up posters in your business.

Post updates on your blog.

How about a map to log progress?

Cross-post updates in your email newsletter, too.

3) Track progress

Use that distance to get folks walking/jogging/cycling/swimming and keep track of how much distance the group covers each week/day/month. Here’s what Moon Joggers did.

4) Not inspired to create your own?

More’s the pity, since it’s a great way to differentiate your business – but vendors like Health Enhancements do offer programs like this for sale, too.