Health, Fitness & Wellness Sectors

Our customers make a difference every single day.

And we're honored to help them grow self-sustaining and successful businesses that change lives for the better.


Clients tell us over and over "It's such a relief to talk to marketing people who actually get what we do."

That's because health and wellness really is different—and it's all we do.

Experience counts. We've worked with customers from ALL of these sectors:

Concierge, direct-pay & self-pay medical practices

  • Family practices
  • Allergy & immunology practices
  • Women's health practices
  • Pain management practices
  • Substance abuse and addiction treatment
  • Behavioral health & mental health counseling practices
  • Family therapy counseling practices
  • PM&R, physical therapy & injury rehab practices
  • Chiropractic practices
  • Sports medicine practice groups
  • Orthopedic surgery practices
  • Plastic, cosmetic & reconstructive surgery and medspas
  • Cryotherapy clinics
  • Specialty imaging practices
  • Medical fitness facilities
  • Physician-led weight loss centers
  • Psychologist-led weight loss programs for young adults

Fitness & sports conditioning

  • Family health clubs & gyms
  • Boutique/niche gyms
  • Women's only gyms & fitness centers
  • Martial arts-inspired fitness programs
  • Tennis & athletic clubs
  • Fitness programs for obese and overweight individuals
  • Fitness studios
  • Personal training studios
  • Fitness and movement programs for kids

Healthy lifestyles, nutrition & weight Loss

  • Whole-person wellness centers
  • Family wellness centers
  • Women's wellness centers
  • Physician-led healthy lifestyle and weight loss programs
  • Weight loss and healthy lifestyle program for seniors
  • Daily healthy lifestyle program for older adults
  • Faith-based healthy lifestyle program for urban seniors
  • Medically-based weight loss centers
  • Daily activity program for older adults
  • Weight loss nutrition programs
  • Weight loss and healthy lifestyle programs for seniors
  • Weight loss and positive self-image program for teens & young adults
  • "Healthy recipes" business serving institutions and businesses
  • Nutrition- and yoga-based diabetes management programs
  • Disordered eating and eating disorders treatment programs

Yoga, Pilates & mind-body

  • Yoga studios & teacher training programs
  • Pilates studios
  • Yoga therapy practices
  • Faith-based yoga
  • Meditation centers
  • Global mind/body training program for wellness professionals
  • Stress management and PTSD treatment programs
  • Specialty medical and therapeutic massage centers
  • International, regional and local yoga adventures & travel
  • Health tourism


  • Bot-driven wellness coaching & machine learning platforms
  • Online peer/buddy-driven weight loss programs
  • Online fitness portals
  • Biometric test strip manufacturer
  • Corporate wellness analytics platforms
  • Bariatric EMR/EHR platforms

Corporate & employee wellness

  • Health workshop and on-site fitness class providers
  • On-site medical clinic providers
  • Executive wellness providers
  • Employer wellness management platforms
  • Corporate fitness and wellness management companies