Website Content Roadmap

Want to speed up sales?

Make sure your fitness & wellness website addresses the seven crucial questions every prospect has.


Roll out the red carpet for your prospects.

Answer Their 7 Showstopper Questions

90%+ of customers find their fitness or wellness provider via Google Business Profile & Google Ads—which send prospects straight to your website.

Your website's #1 job is to resolve the 7 showstopper questions & concerns upfront, so your prospect is excited to take the next step and connect directly.

Your Website Content Roadmap provides detailed content recommendations, and 30 days of implementation support to help you get it done!

Real-Life Content Roadmap Example

This anonymized Home Page based on a real personal training site shows selected Content Roadmap recommendations. The right content makes even an older site design prospect-friendly!

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Original Content Revised Content

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The Website Content Roadmap

First, we examine how well your current website content addresses the 7 showstopper questions your health club, yoga studio or wellness prospects have.

Then we create a customized action plan that details exactly how to strengthen it to keep sales moving.

And back it up with 30 days of 1:1 implementation support from our team.

The result: More and better connections with prospects who get why you're special and will pay what you're worth.


Content that turns leads into customers

The whole point of your website is to remove obstacles to buying and move sales forward.

Everything we recommend has a clear and concrete connection to sales. Period.

Don't sweat SEO & keywords—remember, 90%+ customers find their fitness or wellness provider via Google Business Profile & Google Ads, not organic search results.

The best content for fitness, yoga & weight loss websites prioritizes the questions & concerns of these leads. What's good for them is good for Google.

Experienced implementation advice at your fingertips.

No newbies, interns, or random contractors.

It's totally normal to have questions or want to brainstorm as you implement your Content Roadmap recommendations.

You get 30 days of 1:1 implementation support from our U.S.-based team of health & wellness marketing pros via our Twist messaging platform, 6 days a week.

Our Google-certified experts answer your questions, brainstorm how to handle sticky topics, and even review drafts.


Priced within reach.

One-time fee. No recurring monthly fees. No long-term contracts. No auto-renewal.

How the Content Roadmap package works

As soon as your purchase is complete, your project begins! Here's what to expect:

  • Online 360° Business Scan & Kickoff Call

    You'll complete an online 360° Business Scan. These insights and the kickoff call help guide your custom Content Roadmap.

  • Website analysis & Content Roadmap creation

    We look at everything—including approach and program/service details, staff bios, photos, brand imagery,  FAQs, customer stories, reviews, testimonials & case studies, pricing options, guarantees, key policies, calls to action, overall ease of use and findability of key content PLUS third-party reviews, social media, your Google Business Profile and more.

  • Conference call

    Deep dive into your Content Roadmap's results and detailed action plan. You're welcome to include team members.

  • 30 days of 1:1 implementation support

    Get pro guidance, answers, and feedback on drafts as you implement our detailed recommendations.

Plans & Pricing


100% customized Website Content Roadmap

Detailed, specific & actionable content recommendations

Kickoff phone call

In-depth Content Roadmap review conference call

30 days of 1:1 implementation support from our U.S.-based wellness marketing experts

Starts at $799


Get started today. Sleep better tonight.

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