Website Content Roadmap

Want to speed up sales?

Make sure your fitness & wellness website addresses the seven crucial questions every prospect has.


Roll out the red carpet for your prospects.

Answer Their 7 Showstopper Questions

Will this be right for me?

How does your approach compare to other ways I can work on my goals, like books, apps, videos, or online sites?

Do other members have goals similar to mine? Will my own health journey feel like it fits in here?

What makes you special?

How do your approach, programs and services, facility &/or location set you apart?

What do you have that I won't find elsewhere?

What's your customer experience like? Atmosphere & community vibe? Staff/member interactions?

What do other people think?

What do customers like me think about your business? What do they see as your strengths?

What are my options?

What programs and services do you offer? How do they work? Features, benefits, and starting prices? Bundles, packages, special offers?

How can I try before I buy?

How do I get a feel for what it's like to be your customer? Are the trial offers, free assessments, guest passes, etc. well-chosen?

What if I still have questions?

Can I get in-depth answers without sales pressure? Can I contact you the way I want to, like chat, email, drop-in, call?

Are you easy to do business with?

Do I have to make a long-term commitment? What if life events happen? Is changing or cancelling my membership simple and easy?

90%+ of customers find their fitness or wellness provider via Google Business Profile & Google Ads—which send prospects straight to your website.

Your website's #1 job is to resolve the 7 showstopper questions & concerns upfront, so your prospect is excited to take the next step and connect directly.

Your Website Content Roadmap provides detailed content recommendations, and 30 days of implementation support to help you get it done!

Real-Life Content Roadmap Example

This anonymized Home Page based on a real personal training site shows selected Content Roadmap recommendations. The right content makes even an older site design prospect-friendly!

Before/After Slider

Original Content Revised Content

Recommendations Slider

The Website Content Roadmap

First, we examine how well your current website content addresses the 7 showstopper questions your health club, yoga studio or wellness prospects have.

Then we create a customized action plan that details exactly how to strengthen it to keep sales moving.

And back it up with 30 days of 1:1 implementation support from our team.

The result: More and better connections with prospects who get why you're special and will pay what you're worth.


Content that turns leads into customers

The whole point of your website is to remove obstacles to buying and move sales forward.

Everything we recommend has a clear and concrete connection to sales. Period.

Don't sweat SEO & keywords—remember, 90%+ customers find their fitness or wellness provider via Google Business Profile & Google Ads, not organic search results.

The best content for fitness, yoga & weight loss websites prioritizes the questions & concerns of these leads. What's good for them is good for Google.

Experienced implementation advice at your fingertips.

No newbies, interns, or random contractors.

It's totally normal to have questions or want to brainstorm as you implement your Content Roadmap recommendations.

You get 30 days of 1:1 implementation support from our U.S.-based team of health & wellness marketing pros via our Twist messaging platform, 6 days a week.

Our Google-certified experts answer your questions, brainstorm how to handle sticky topics, and even review drafts.


Priced within reach.

One-time fee. No recurring monthly fees. No long-term contracts. No auto-renewal.

How the Content Roadmap package works

As soon as your purchase is complete, your project begins! Here's what to expect:

  • Online 360° Business Scan & Kickoff Call

    You'll complete an online 360° Business Scan. These insights and the kickoff call help guide your custom Content Roadmap.

  • Website analysis & Content Roadmap creation

    We look at everything—including approach and program/service details, staff bios, photos, brand imagery,  FAQs, customer stories, reviews, testimonials & case studies, pricing options, guarantees, key policies, calls to action, overall ease of use and findability of key content PLUS third-party reviews, social media, your Google Business Profile and more.

  • Conference call

    Deep dive into your Content Roadmap's results and detailed action plan. You're welcome to include team members.

  • 30 days of 1:1 implementation support

    Get pro guidance, answers, and feedback on drafts as you implement our detailed recommendations.

Plans & Pricing


100% customized Website Content Roadmap

Detailed, specific & actionable content recommendations

Kickoff phone call

In-depth Content Roadmap review conference call

30 days of 1:1 implementation support from our U.S.-based wellness marketing experts

Starts at $499


Get started today. Sleep better tonight.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Can I see a sample of the Content Roadmap?

Sure! The anonymized example on this page shows several condensed recommendations for each of the 7 showstopper questions, and their effect on the site's Home Page.

What does the 360° Business Scan involve?

This online tool gathers your unique insights into your business, including your:

  • Online business presence
  • Business priorities, goals, challenges and competition
  • Programs and services
  • Prospect's and customer's perspectives
  • Current marketing activities

We then combine this with information from the Kickoff Call, our own research into your market area and our analysis of your website, Google Business Profile, third-party reviews and other information to create your 100% custom Content Roadmap.

Can you edit our website for us?

No, we do not edit websites.

The Content Roadmap provides you with detailed content recommendations plus implementation support to answer questions and brainstorm sticky topics that arise as your team implements our recommendations.

You and your team are responsible for actually adding your content to your website.

How does the 1:1 implementation support work?

You'll have private access to our Twist discussion platform. Your discussion threads are visible only to you and our team. You'll be able to see your  entire discussion history throughout the implementation support period.

That said, we don't maintain long-term archives of discussions, so make sure you keep a copy of anything you wish to refer to later.

We respond Monday through Saturday, typically within 1 business day and often within just a few hours or even minutes.

Why does implementation support only last 30 days?

Here's why we set the implementation period at 30 days:

  • The changes we recommend are specific and directly related to helping you grow sales. You should be able to get them made in 30 days and we'll help you get them across the finish line. Don't worry, we're not going to suggest thousands of words of long-form blog posts!
  • In our experience, businesses often get stuck in the "paralysis of analysis" and delay far too long making meaningful improvements. You want customers right away, so let's get the content changes done right away!
What if we still have questions after 30 days?

Every client stays part of the Radial family, even if we're not actively working with you on a project.

If you have a quick question about your web content, just ping us! We're not going to ignore you just because your content project ended a couple months ago, or force you to buy a coaching pass just to get our take on a quick question.

If it's a more in-depth and extended discussion, we'll let you know that and you can decide whether to buy a coaching pass. Or, you can wait until our next monthly Success Hour 1:1 webchat and ask your question for free.

How quickly do you respond to our posts during implementation?

You can post discussion topics, questions, etc., any time, on any day. If you wake up at 3 AM worrying about the content on one of  your product pages, go ahead and drop us a quick post. No need to wait until morning.

We respond Monday through Saturday, typically within 1 business day and often within just a few hours or even minutes.

How many questions can we ask?

Every wellness business is unique, so we don't set a hard and fast limit on how many questions you can ask during the Content Roadmap implementation period. If it takes six drafts to get the Mission page right, that's how many drafts we'll give you feedback on!

We encourage you to just raise whatever's on your mind, rather than worrying about whether you're asking too many questions or raising too many issues.

As you know, our role is to discuss, advise, explain, recommend and educate—not to run your business for you, and not to do the work that you as the owner or leader are responsible for achieving through your own efforts and those of your team.

We also reserve the right to terminate service and refund your purchase price if we feel you're using our Content Roadmap service in ways that it wasn't designed for.

Can we call instead of using chat or email?

Content Roadmap implementation support is only available via our online Twist discussion platform.

We've experimented with email, chat and phone coaching and discovered that this tool offers the best combination of real-time or near-real-time discussion, 24/7 availability and focused attention on the topic at hand, while keeping the service affordable.

What custom Content Modules are available?

If time is of the essence, or you can't commit staff resources to implementation, our team can create the following custom Content Modules for your team to implement on your website:

These are priced individually starting at $349 and are available only as add-ons to your purchase of a Content Roadmap.

Home Page

Product Pages

About/Mission Page

Competitive Comparison Chart

Alternative Solutions Chart

Frequently-Asked Questions Page

Case Study

What's your refund, hold & cancellation policy?

Refunds & cancellations

You can request a no-questions-asked refund any time prior to the kickoff call and during the 24-hour period after the kickoff call. 

Refund requests must be received no later than 24 hours after the kickoff call. No refunds will made after this period.

What if we get too busy to update our website? Can we put our Content Roadmap on hold?

We do not offer a hold option.

We encourage folks to make sure they're going to have time to implement our recommendations and make full use of the 30-day implementation support period before purchasing this service.

Can you implement specific marketing activities for us?

In addition to Copilot Coaching Passes, we offer a Google My Business optimization package and a Google Ads package and a Google Local Marketing Bundle. We also offer webinars and online marketing workshops.

Radial does not sell or provide referrals for:

  • Graphic design services
  • Copywriting assistance other than what's included in our products and services
  • Website development services
  • Outbound sales and telemarketing services
  • Appointment-setting services
  • Email or phone number mailing lists
  • Custom market research or surveys
  • Telephone-based or in-person consulting