The Local Marketing Triangle

The wellness marketing formula.

Focus on the three most effective marketing tools and cut out the "how exactly do all these social posts turn into paying customers?" busywork. (Looking at you, Facebook.)


Why the Local Marketing Triangle© works

More than 80% of prospects actively looking to buy local health & wellness services learn about your business from just three places.


Google Ads

Puts your business squarely in front of people looking to buy services specifically like


Google Business Profile

Earns you visibility in Google's free "Local 3-Pack"—the next best thing to a paid ad.


Your Website


Your site does the heavy lifting on sales: shows off your standout strengths & anticipates prospects' concerns so they're confident about reaching out.

"But...what about backlinks? Directory citations? E-books? Facebook? TV? Radio? Postcards? Etc."

Backlinks and directory citations? Important years ago. Today, no longer relevant for local search. You can safely forget about them.

TV, radio, newspapers & direct mail? They target everyone in a region, so you pay to show your ad to lots of people who will never care about what you sell. That makes it an expensive way to get prospects. Worth a look as a secondary strategy, but not as your primary marketing tool.

Facebook Ads? At least you can target people interested in a broad category, like fitness or yoga. But unlike Google, it doesn't show ads based on purchase intent. And it significantly restricts what health and wellness ads can say or show. Worth a look once you've got Google Ads, your business profile and your site dialed in—but it shouldn't be your primary advertising tool.

Facebook business page posts? At least they're free. But they only show up in newsfeeds of people who already know about you. You need awareness among people who don't know about you. Better for staying connected to customers you already have.

E-books or PDFs? Potentially useful lead magnets—once folks are in your sales funnel! But they don't help people discover your brick-and-mortar wellness business in the first place.

"More than 80% of qualified leads for local health and wellness businesses come from Google Ads, your Google Business Profile, and your website, so that's what deserves your time and budget."
~Don Muchow, Radial's Chief Content Officer

A closer look at the three building blocks of your Local Marketing Triangle

Founders Leslie & Don explain how Google Ads, your Google Business Profile, and your website work together—and why Facebook isn't part of the magic.

Ready to dial in your Local Marketing Triangle? Let's do it!

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