Create A Competitive Comparison Checklist

Highlight the differences that set your business apart.

Make sure prospects understand your standout strengths and important differences vs local and online competitors. Great for super-competitive areas like fitness, yoga and weight loss.


Create A Competitive Comparison Checklist To Highlight Crucial Differences

You'll create a competitive comparison that educates prospects about the crucial differences between your business and local competitors, discount franchises, national chains, online classes and others.


January 3, 2024
10 - 11:30 AM Central

Best for:
  • Highly competitive sectors like fitness, yoga, weight loss with lots of alternatives at difference price points
  • Highlighting unique differences between various alternatives so prospects are fully informed
  • Educating prospects on what's really included at what price in seemingly similar programs

90-minute webinar + Q&A
30 days of 1:1 support & coaching
12 months unlimited access to webinar video
Competitive Comparison Checklist Manual
Sample Competitive Comparison Checklist
Quick Reference Guide

What you'll do:

Master our exclusive process for analyzing your most significant local & online competition

Create a competitive checklist tailored to your business that helps prospects make the right purchase

Learn how to present the spectrum of differences, from prices and features to client temperament, customer experience, terms and conditions, and more

Get step-by-step training on our entire process, including how to position key differences without overtly criticizing other businesses

Create a plan for deploying your competitive checklist throughout your entire sales cycle—not just on your website!

Why Radial's online masterclasses are different

You don't just learn about essential marketing content—you CREATE it!



First, the webinar teaches you our exclusive key principles & step-by-step processes, with lots of industry examples, methods, techniques, self-checks & pro tips.



Then, our U.S.-based marketing & content coaches provide post-webinar 1:1 guidance, brainstorming & feedback to help you create, refine and finalize your content. Best of all: it's included in the price. 


Cross the finish line!

We help you get from "idea" to result", including a plan for deploying your fresh content at key stages throughout your marketing plan and sales cycle.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What's included in a masterclass?

Our masterclasses are designed to teach you key principles and then help you apply them to your specific wellness business.

Each masterclass typically includes:

  • An online course or webinar that teaches you those key principles and our step-by-step processes, illustrating how to apply them with examples, guides, and other materials packed with specific health and wellness scenarios
  • 1:1 implementation support provided by our U.S.-based team of experienced health & wellness marketing professionals and content coaches, via our Twist messaging platform

You also get user implementation guides tailored to each masterclass + 12 months of access to the course recording.

Can multiple people from our business take a single masterclass?

The online course/webinar

Yes, it's absolutely fine if you purchase a single masterclass and then have your entire team watch the webinar from a single location like an office or conference room.

Our customer agreement does not allow you to share webinar or video recording login details, however. We monitor IP addresses and will enforce that limitation.

Implementation Support

When you message us with implementation support questions, one person should act as your "lead" and coordinate everyone's questions for submission on our messaging platform.

Our customer agreement does not allow you to share login details. We monitor IP addresses and will enforce that limitation.

Note that all questions for a given workshop must relate to the same content project. For example, if you take our case study workshop, we'll help you polish a single case study—not multiple case studies.


If you have needs that aren't addressed by these guidelines, drop us an email.

How does the post-webinar support & coaching work?

It's totally normal to attend a training class, learn a lot and still have questions about how to apply what you've learned to your unique situation! 

That's why our masterclasses all include marketing and content coaching in the price. It doesn't cost extra, and we don't use your questions as an excuse to try to sell you another service.

As soon as the webinar portion of the class ends, you get access to your 1:1 private discussion channel on our Twist messaging platform. You can post questions and even content drafts for guidance, brainstorming & feedback from our U.S.-based team of marketing and content coaches.

How does webinar video access work?

Your workshop includes the webinar plus 12 months of access to the video recording of the webinar.

After 12 months, we'll give you a complimentary 3-month extension on request. Just drop us an email.

What kinds of materials are included?

Each workshop contains extensive health and wellness-specific examples and detailed real-world guidance on how to apply the workshop's principles. 

Depending on the specific workshop, materials typically include sample content, manuals or guidelines, reference guides and "cheatsheets".