Google Ads Package for Health, Fitness & Wellness

Put your business squarely in front of people who want to buy now.

We'll create your campaigns, then teach you how to monitor your results, pause your campaign, and change your budget yourself.


Online ads that empower growing businesses.

Google Ads put your business squarely in front of people actively looking to buy health and wellness services like yours.

We create your Ads campaign.

And teach you how to monitor results, raise/lower the budget, and even how and when to suspend your campaign.

(Easier than you think!)

One-time implementation fee. No recurring management fees.

Under your control, always.


Is Google Ads right for your wellness business?

Yes, if most of these apply:

  • You want substantially more customers than you have
  • You have enough capacity to handle more customers
  • You want more prospects planning to buy now vs someday
  • You've already fully optimized your entire Google My Business listing
  • Your website represents your strengths & differentiators well
  • Your website does a good job of meeting prospects' needs

No, if most of these apply:

  • You're comfortable with the current # of customers and can easily replace those who leave
  • You're short on capacity for an influx of new customers
  • You haven't fully optimized every Google My Business feature yet
  • Your website is fairly boilerplate or generic & doesn't showcase your unique strengths
  • You feel your website needs a major overhaul to be effective

How your Google Ads Implementation Package works

Campaigns built to attract your ideal customer

We create a one-of-a-kind ad campaign tailored to your unique business, designed to command attention from people actively looking for services like yours who are willing to pay what it's worth.

Our team blends your personalized interview with analysis of all your platforms—website, Facebook, Yelp, etc.—and our hands-on Google Ads experience to optimize your campaign. 

No boilerplate, no cut-and-paste from other clients.

Then, we monitor your results for 30 days to uncover additional optimization opportunities.

Here's a typical implementation timeline:


Your credit card is billed when you sign up

Week 1

Set up a short Client Profile

Schedule your Strategy Kickoff Call

Enable access to your Google Ads account

Add required Google Ads tracking snippet to your website (don't worry, we'll help!)

Activate your 30-Day Copilot Speed Coaching Pass

Week 2

Finalize Google Ads strategies to target your best prospects

We create tailored ad copy that highlights your strongest selling points

We set campaign parameters that target your best prospects when they're likely to buy

We implement and launch your ad campaigns

Weeks 3-4

Further optimize campaigns based on our analysis of your initial Google Ads results

Show you how to pause Google Ads or change your budget

Teach you how to monitor your Google Ads results

Plans & Pricing

Google Ads Implementation Package
one simple payment
Expert campaign creation by experienced humans, Strategy Call, metrics training, 30 days of post-launch advanced optimization PLUS 30 days free support for all your local GMB & SEO questions
Personal attention from our Google Ads-certified wellness marketing experts
Create a Google Ads strategy aligned with your business goals
Craft a custom Google Ads campaign for your business
Empower you to evaluate ongoing Ads results yourself
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Frequently-Asked Questions

Does Radial get a commission on our ad spend?

Nope. In fact, that would be a conflict of interest, since we advise you on how much to consider spending on Ads.

The only person who pays us is you. Your one-time fee covers setting up and optimizing your Google Ads account.

It also covers showing you how to use your own Ads data to adjust your budget up or down in the future.



Is there an ongoing monthly fee?

No. We use Google's latest machine learning and smart campaign features which generally perform well and don't normally require constant attention (no matter what ad agencies tell you!).

We teach you how to use your metrics to flag possible issues as part of your campaign launch. If you see negative trends, we can do a quick diagnostic and tune-up. 

What does the Kickoff Strategy Call involve?

The kickoff call is where we gather critical insight into:

  • Your business approach and goals
  • Your programs and services
  • How customers experience your business

We'll ask questions about things only you can tell us, like:

  • "Tell us about one of your very best customers, someone you know tells other people about how great your business is."
  • "What are some of the most common things your typical prospects are worried about?"

We then combine this with our own research into what your customers prize about your specific approach.

This determines how we configure your Google Ads campaign and how we write your Google Ads marketing copy.

The kickoff call lasts about 45 minutes. You can include key team members if you wish.

We normally do videoconferences, but if you'd prefer audio that's fine. Just keep your webcam off or stick a piece of tape over it.

What if we add new services?

You can have us do a one-time campaign tune-up so you get prospects who want the cool new stuff. Typical examples:

  • Your traditional health club now offers medical spa services
  • Your family medicine practice just added a major new weight loss program
  • Your yoga studio now offers teacher training or gym-style group fitness classes

Google Ads rolls out new features all year long. Some are implemented automatically. Some require action by the business.

Most clients have us do a quick "check up" on their campaign once or twice each year to make sure they take full advantage of any newly added capabilities.

What if our Ads metrics start declining?

Sometimes local market conditions change, or Google makes a change that affects your campaign.

As part of your campaign launch, we teach you how to use your ongoing Google Ads metrics to spot possible issues.

If you see negative trends, you can have us do a quick diagnostic and tune-up. 

How does Google Ads billing work?

Our fee to create your campaign is one-time only and non-recurring.

Once your campaign launches, Google will bill your credit card monthly for the actual clicks and calls your ads receive. 

You decide on your monthly budget. Google guarantees that it will never charge you more than the maximum monthly budget you set.

In our experience, the starting point for most single-location local wellness businesses new to Google Ads is around $5-10/day, which is $150-$300/month. 

We'll explain different budget scenarios so you can choose the one that works best for you.

You can raise or lower your budget anytime you want to.

You can also suspend your campaign at any time for as long as you wish.

There is no daily, weekly or monthly commitment.

Will we need to change anything on our website?

Tracking codes

You'll probably need to have your website developer add certain Google tracking codes that we'll provide you. These codes help Google optimize your results. They also provide your business with performance metrics.

Landing page improvements

Your Ads will probably need to point to existing pages on your site.

If we notice anything that you should tweak to improve your Ads results, we'll let you know so that your team can update accordingly.

What does "conversion" mean?

A conversion is simply the "next step" you want your prospect to take after they click on your ad. You want to track conversions so that you can make sure Google Ads is paying off for you.

For example, prospects might typically

  • Call you
  • Visit your business
  • Attend a free class
  • Schedule an appointment for an assessment
  • Visit a particular web page

We'll discuss conversion goals on your Advertising Strategy Kickoff Call, so don't worry if you're not sure what to use.

Questions? Chat or email us!