Copilot Coaching Pass

Put our marketing know-how on speed dial.

Tee up your questions, ideas and challenges 24/7 via your private discussion channel. Get focused one-on-one discussion, brainstorming, problem-solving and answers from real experts.


Trusted answers, feedback and guidance.

Talk directly to our experienced U.S.-based wellness marketing experts.

Via your 1:1 private discussion channel on our Twist messaging platform.

Exactly what you need. When you need it. At a price you can afford.

If it feels like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, the Copilot Coaching Pass is your answer.



Real experts at your fingertips.

No newbies, interns, or dabblers.

Instant access to Leslie, Don & our U.S.-based team of health & wellness marketing pros via your private discussion channel on our Twist messaging platform.

Experts in local search & SEO, lead gen & prospecting, customer & revenue growth, pricing & competition, content marketing, social media & email marketing. Google-certified in Google My Business & Google Ads.

Direct access. On your schedule.

Via your private 1:1 discussion channel.

Up at 3 a.m.? Go ahead and send us whatever's top of mind.

We typically respond within one business day, often within just a few hours or even minutes, Monday- Saturday.


Tailored to your business.

From Day 1.

As soon as you sign up, we start a market assessment of your trade area while you complete a 360° Business Scan  that uncovers key themes around your goals, challenges, programs & services, members, clients and patients, your competition and more.

This is the secret sauce that turbocharges our ability to tailor our input to your specific situation, beginning with your very first post in your messaging channel.


Fluffy "tips and tricks"? Nope.

On-point discussion and brainstorming.

Realistic ideas and suggestions.

Specific, prioritized next steps you can start doing right now.

(And we always explain the "why". Because knowledge is empowering.)


Priced within reach.

No long-term contracts. No auto-renewal.

The 7-Day Pass: Best for a deep-dive into one question or challenge &/or a limited budget.

The 30-Day Pass: Best when you have lots of questions and challenges on a variety of sales, marketing and business issues.

Is the Copilot Coaching Pass right for your wellness business?

Yes, if...

  • You have ongoing questions about sales, marketing, lead generation, retention, pricing, etc.
  • You're still honing key marketing messages & target audiences
  • Your marketing plan feels pulled in lots of directions
  • You have lots of marketing activities underway but they're not leading to more customers
  • Your sales and marketing team is small, inexperienced or nonexistent

No, if...

  • Your sales, marketing & pricing already attract the customers you want
  • You're happy with current # of customers and can easily replace those who leave
  • Your business is routinely in top 3 in Local Finder, Google Maps, organic search results
  • You mainly want a designer, developer or writer to implement your ideas
  • You prefer phone or Zoom discussions

Actual questions from real clients


Why is our sales funnel struggling and how can we fix it?

How can we convince people our weight loss program really is different?

How can we stand out from the other health clubs and gyms in town?

Should our medical practice start/stop Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

How do we get more people in the door? We're great at selling to them once they're here.

We post like crazy, but how exactly do we get actual customers from Facebook/Instagram?

You don't have to go it alone anymore.

  • Get tons of tailored health and wellness sales and marketing expertise—at your fingertips.
  • Choose 7 or 30 calendar days of 1:1 coaching via your private discussion channel on our Twist messaging platform.
  • One-time purchase. No long-term commitment. No auto-renewal.

Get started today. Sleep better tonight.

1 payment x $349

1 payment x $699

Frequently-Asked Questions

What kind of coaching is this?

We provide sales and marketing coaching-ideas, discussion, answers, advice and to-do/action item recommendations tailored to the specific questions and challenges your business faces.

We don't provide accountability coaching, life coaching, career coaching or personal development coaching.

If you're not sure whether this product is for you, just reach out to us with your situation.

Is there a free trial?

You're always welcome to drop in on our free monthly "Free Friday Success Hour" live webchat and tee up your latest sales or marketing challenge.

While we use a different online discussion platform for our coaching services, the overall experience will give you a good feel for how our coaching services work, although we obviously won't have the in-depth familiarity with your business that makes deep-dive back-and-forth discussion possible.

Can I follow up after my pass expires?

Coaching Passes do not auto-renew.

If you want to continue an earlier Copilot discussion, or it's been a few months and you've got more topics to discuss, just buy another Pass-simple as that!

Tip: If you know in advance that your coaching discussions are likely to extend over several weeks or months and you can consistently devote attention to them, a 30-Day Pass may be a better deal than buying several 7-Day Passes.

What's your refund, hold & cancellation policy?

Refunds & cancellations

You can request a no-questions-asked refund any time during the term of your pass as long as you haven't posted a question yet. We do not issue refunds after you've made your first post.

Refund requests must be received before the expiration date of your Pass. Requests made after your initial weekly or monthly Pass has expired will not be honored, even if you never used it.

What if we get too busy-can we put our Pass on hold?

We do not offer a hold option.

We encourage folks to make sure they're going to have time to make full use of our coaching services before purchasing a Copilot coaching pass.

If your schedule is particularly prone to change, the 7-Day Pass may be your best option.

What does the 360° Business Scan involve?

This online tool gathers your unique insights into your business, including your:

  • Online business presence
  • Business priorities, goals, challenges and competition
  • Programs and services
  • Prospect's and customer's perspectives
  • Current marketing activities

We then combine this with our own research into your market area to provide

  • On-point discussion
  • Realistic ideas and suggestions
  • Actionable next steps

All tailored to your specific business.

When are you available to respond?

You can post discussion topics, questions, etc., any time, on any day. If you wake up at 3 AM worrying about how to make your new program a success-go ahead and drop us a quick post. No need to wait until morning.

We respond Monday through Saturday, typically within 1 business day and often within just a few hours or even minutes.

How many questions can we ask?

In general, the 7-Day Pass is best for a deep dive into a single topic. The 30-Day Pass is best if you have lots of questions and challenges about a variety of sales, marketing and businss topics.

That said, every wellness business is unique, so we don't set a hard and fast limit on how many topics you can chat with us about.

We encourage you to bring us whatever's on your mind, rather than worrying about whether you're asking too many questions or raising too many issues.

Keep in mind that our role is to discuss, advise, explain, recommend and educate-not to run your business for you, and not to do the work that you as the owner or leader are responsible for achieving through your own efforts and those of your team.

We also reserve the right to terminate your Pass and refund your purchase price if we feel you're using our coaching service in ways that it wasn't designed for.

Can we call instead of using chat or email?

Copilot coaching is only available via our online Twist messaging platform.

We've experimented with email, chat and phone coaching and discovered that this tool offers the best combination of real-time or near-real-time discussion, 24/7 availability and focused attention on the topic at hand, while keeping the service affordable.

What should I expect during our chats?

Your posts are private and you'll be able to see your history with us as long as your Coaching Pass is active. Make sure you keep a copy of anything you wish to refer to later.

We focus on providing:

  • Clear guidance
  • Specific next steps
  • Concrete action items
  • The "why" behind our answers or advice

Our big-picture goal is to deepen your understanding of sales and marketing so you're empowered to take independent action in the future.

You won't find glittering generalities or vague unhelpful tidbits like "Use social media to nurture your current customers." That sounds good, but what does it even really mean?!

Instead, you'll find specific guidance like:

"Post twice/week on your business page. One post should target new customers and address one of the common questions prospects usually ask. The other post should focus on your current customers and emphasize A, B, or C."

(Just an example-obviously, the details vary by business!)

Can you implement specific marketing activities for us?

In addition to Copilot coaching, we offer a Google My Business optimization package and a Google Ads package and a Google Local Marketing Bundle. We also offer webinars and online marketing workshops.

Radial does not sell:

  • Graphic design services
  • Copywriting assistance other than what's included in our products and services
  • Web development services
  • Outbound sales and telemarketing services
  • Appointment-setting services
  • Email or phone number mailing lists
  • Custom market research or surveys
  • Telephone-based or in-person consulting