About Radial

Our leadership.

Absolutely committed to helping health and wellness businesses grow, prosper and serve.

Leslie Nolen & Don Muchow, Radial's founders

Empowering health & wellness businesses to change the world

Wellness is different. It's not like selling haircuts or the latest cool tech gadget.

We're here specifically to empower health and wellness leaders to build successful self-sustaining businesses that benefit as many lives as possible.

Our customers come from literally every niche within health and wellness: over 60+ different market segments.

We tailor all of our products and free resources to the unique growth challenges that health and wellness businesses face:

Master the hyper-efficient Local Marketing Triangle© and our exclusive Stages of Change Marketing© process with our:

About Leslie

  • Founded Radial in 2003 after 15+ years as COO, CFO & sales/marketing head for professional services organizations reporting $100M to $1 billion annual revenues
  • Developed Radial's proprietary Stages of Change Marketing© model & Local Marketing Triangle©
  • Deep experience in health & wellness sales strategy, marketing tactics and online marketing including search engine optimization, content marketing and pay-per-click advertising and development of authoritative content
  • Author, ClubIndustry's WebSavvy column & The Health & Wellness Trend Guide
  • Five-time invited judge for National Health Information Awards & Mature Media Awards
  • Source for publications including The New York Times & Wall Street Journal

About Don

  • Extensive experience in health, wellness, healthcare, life sciences and customer experience sales and marketing.
  • Conceptualized and directed implementation of Google Ads, Google My Business/Google Business Profile optimization, Facebook Ads and social media engagement campaigns plus hundreds of webinars, white papers, special reports, videos, webcasts and more
  • Professional and personal track record in building customer, client and patient communities around healthy lifestyles, chronic disease management, and successful self-care
  • Type 1 diabetic extreme ultrarunner, endurance cyclist, marathon swimmer & Ironman
  • First person ever to run solo from Disneyland to Walt Disney World

Our values

We believe great marketing is ethical marketing guided by intention, purpose and mindfulness.

The things we care about haven't changed a bit since we first opened our doors.


Of course our customer agreements include confidentiality provisions.

But for the record: it doesn't take a contract to keep us honest.

Your ideas stay your ideas. Our discussions remain confidential.

We avoid conflicts of interest by simply not accepting commissions or affiliate fees from any business we use and/or recommend.


No long-term contracts, no big upfront retainers, no complicated pricing.


We focus on local search and online marketing strategies that are affordable, effective and relevant in 2021, and it's a shorter list than you might think.

We're on a daily mission to debunk the myths that so many marketing businesses and contractors are still pushing—stuff that stopped working years ago, if it ever worked at all.


We prioritize the marketing work likeliest to connect you to prospects likely to buy.

A lot of so-called "marketing" is really just busywork. For example, do those daily Facebook posts you're paying someone to write actually bring enough customers to justify the cost?

Usually, no—which is why they shouldn't be part of your core marketing plan.