Create A Rockstar Health, Fitness or Wellness Ad

Command attention from your likeliest prospects.

Sure, ads should look good—but the secret sauce is what they say, who they say it to, and the order they say it in. Discover step-by-step-how to create the best fitness, wellness and yoga ads.


Create A Rockstar Health, Fitness or Wellness Ad

You'll learn how to create fitness, health club, gym, yoga & Pilates ads that command attention from your best prospects—people actively looking for services like yours, who value your distinctive approach and will pay what you're worth.


November 1, 2023
9 - 10:30 AM Central

Rockstar ads have a job to do.

It's not just glitter, glamour, and pretty words. They must:

Attract more fitness prospects actively seeking businesses like yours, who will pay what you're worth

Identify & showcase the standout strengths of your business they value most

Deflect folks who are a poor match or motivated by the lowest price

Visually guide fitness and yoga prospects through key points, building interest & confidence

If your ads don't do this, they're just...decorative.

Best for:
  • Learning specifically how to improve an existing health, fitness or wellness ad or create a new ad
  • Developing your own unique advertising rather than peeking at competitors' marketing for inspiration
  • Developing the big-picture know-how to assess ads created by your marketing team or contractors
  • Real-world practical training for staff, contractors or interns who create print flyers, social media promotions, or promotional emails

90-minute webinar + Q&A
90 days of 1:1 support & coaching on a single ad project
12 months unlimited access to webinar video
Extensive industry examples
The Health & Wellness Ad Creation Blueprint
Quick Reference Guide: Anatomy of a Successful Ad

What you'll do:
  • Bring an existing ad you want to improve OR create a new ad from scratch—a print flyer, promotional email, or organic or promoted Facebook business page post (note: this course does not cover paid Google Ads and Facebook Ads)
  • Learn how to build an ad that commands attention from people actively looking for services like yours
  • Master our exclusive step-by-step ad creation blueprint—the same methodology our own team uses, tailored to health & wellness businesses
  • Learn proven formulas for ad copy, content sequence, & design that consistently lead to successful ads
  • Discover which content attracts your strongest prospects, those likeliest to appreciate your approach & pay what you're worth
  • Get a three-part guide for assessing your ad's performance and business impact
  • Review FTC & social media policies for health, fitness & weight loss advertising

"I must say that I absolutely LOVE the way your company does business. With everything out there on the Internet, Radial is one of the few that I have come to trust based on the quality of information provided. "

~Cathi M., programs director for municipal recreation and fitness center

Your masterclass instructors

Leslie Nolen & Don Muchow, Radial's founders

Leslie Nolen, Radial's president. In addition to her work with Radial clients, she led the development of Radial's proprietary Local Marketing Triangle© & Stages of Change Marketing© model. She is a 5-time invited judge for the national Digital Health Awards, Mature Media Awards, and the national Health Information Awards given to outstanding advertising and marketing entries, authored Club Industry's WebSavvy column for nearly 10 years, and wrote The Health & Wellness Trend Guide.

Don Muchow, Radial's Chief Content Officer. Don has extensive experience in health, wellness and life sciences sales and marketing and has conceptualized and implemented Google Ads, Facebook Ads and social media engagement campaigns for numerous Radial clients and created hundreds of webinars, white papers, special reports, videos, webcasts and more.

Why Radial's online masterclasses are different

You don't just learn about essential marketing content—you CREATE it!



First, the webinar teaches you our exclusive key principles & step-by-step processes, with lots of industry examples, methods, techniques, self-checks & pro tips.



Then, our U.S.-based marketing & content coaches provide post-webinar 1:1 guidance, brainstorming & feedback to help you create, refine and finalize your content. Best of all: it's included in the price. 


Cross the finish line!

We help you get from "idea" to result", including a plan for deploying your fresh content at key stages throughout your marketing plan and sales cycle.

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