3 checks for self assessment A-Plus

Self-score this sanity check to assess online marketing effectiveness at your corporate fitness, yoga, healthy lifestyles or corporate wellness business.

It’s easy to overlook accomplishments in the day-to-day hustle, and just as easy to miss where you might be falling behind. Ask yourself if your wellness business plan meets these key checkpoints; and if you’re feeling stuck, use your answers to guide you to the areas that need a fresh approach.

  • “Yes” answers indicate that you’re actively managing your marketing activities and making the most of your online presence.
  • “No” answers indicate that you’re under-marketing your wellness business – or that you’re simply going through the motions, doing the same thing you did last year, without actively managing towards a business result.
  • “Not sure” means that you’re not actively managing your online marketing activities. If they’re effective, it’s a lucky accident. Hope isn’t a plan, right?

Email Marketing

Includes regular (monthly, weekly) newsletters as well as periodic standalone
email promotions.

Our email subscribers have consistently grown from month to month.YESNONOT SURE
Our email click-throughs have stayed the same or increased from month to month.YESNONOT SURE
We experience no more than 1 – 2 unsubs or spam reports in most months.YESNONOT SURE
We actively delete subscribers with undeliverable addresses.YESNONOT SURE
We send an email newsletter once/month.YESNONOT SURE
Every page of our website has an email sign-up.YESNONOT SURE

Website Marketing

Our website time-on-site/time-on-page is improving.YESNONOT SURE
Our website bounce rate is improving.YES NO  NOT SURE
The number of site visitors is increasing.YESNONOT SURE
We know which content is most popular on our website.YESNONOT SURE
We respond to emails received via the website within 1 business day or less.YESNONOT SURE
We monitor email response time to ensure that we meet our guidelines.YESNONOT SURE
Our homepage has a strong central tagline so visitors know right away who we are and what we do.YESNONOT SURE
Our pages include areas to address buying objections (FAQs, Pros/Cons, Product Guide).YESNONOT SURE

Social Media

We have claimed AND fully completed all relevant social profiles – FB, T, LI, Yelp, Google & Bing.YESNONOT SURE
We actively use T and/or FB to communicate time-sensitive information.YESNONOT SURE
We actively promote our T presence and encourage clients to follow us on Twitter.YESNONOT SURE
We use unique video content (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to market our business.YESNONOT SURE
We respond to all comments posted on these social platforms.YESNONOT SURE
Even if you haven’t used it, you understand the advertising options on FB.YESNONOT SURE

Search Engine Optimization

We know which keywords are most relevant to our business.YESNONOT SURE
Each keyword or keyword phrase has one or more pages dedicated to it on our website.YESNONOT SURE
We have created a dedicated landing page for each of our major products, services or programs.YESNONOT SURE
Every page of our website has our NAP (name/address/phone number).YESNONOT SURE
Our Google My Business profile is complete and we monitor and update it routinely.YESNONOT SURE
We are working towards/achieved the Google local listing “3-pack’ via ratings, SERP, Maps, and GMB.YESNONOT SURE

Online Advertising

We have conversion tracking in place for Google Ads and/or FB ads.YESNONOT SURE
Our Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts are linked.YESNONOT SURE
We monitor our PPC ad accounts weekly.YESNONOT SURE
We track our cost/conversion for Google Ads and/or FB.YESNONOT SURE
Our ads point to dedicated landing pages on our website.YESNONOT SURE

Marketing Integration

Reflects integration between your online activities and everything you
do offline to market your wellness business.

Our printed marketing materials (brochures, business cards, etc.) always include “pointers” to relevant digital content like PDF downloads or newsletter signups.YESNONOT SURE
In-person meetings, appointments and presentations always include physical leave-behinds/take-homes that direct people to relevant digital content.YESNONOT SURE
We always have a plan for collecting new email addresses from attendees at open houses, webinars, free seminars and other public events.YESNONOT SURE

Marketing and Operational Efficiency

Assesses your use of less-effective or overhyped marketing activities as well
as your use of the web to streamline routine customer activities.

We have combined PPC Google Ads and optimized SEO for better results in both areas.YESNONOT SURE
We avoid paying for “guaranteed first page” search result listings and backlinks.YESNONOT SURE
We are paying only for services we actually use (ex: web-conferencing service or email hosting service like Constant Contact or Mailchimp).YESNONOT SURE
We can make routine web content changes ourselves without paying a developer.YESNONOT SURE
We provide key customer functions like appointment scheduling and membership renewal online and update this info routinely.YESNONOT SURE