Think About It: What We Tell Ourselves Changes Everything

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The Mayo Clinic recently showed this healthcare related video at its annual symposium. It uses one script. It runs through it forward and then reverses it…and the whole meaning changes.

Spectacularly well-done, it powerfully illustrates how an individual or a society can move from “Can we?” to “We can!”, just by how we THINK. Change the thinking, change the outcome.

Wellness, health and fitness professionals work every day to help clients improve their health and feel better. We talk about the obesity epidemic, bad diets, and the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. We offer a better way. And yet, some people don’t take us up on the challenge. They see their problems as unsolvable.

As the video illustrates, that — seeing things as unfixable — is actually the biggest part of the problem.

And it does so in an absolutely brilliant way. Check out the Mayo Clinic video.