Five Marketing Emails Your Members Will Welcome

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We’ve got five marketing email ideas that keep your wellness business top of mind – without being pushy. Why send the same “refer a friend” email month after month?  Turn down the volume of your sales pitch – and keep people interested – with these ideas:

1. Product reorders & replenishment

Send emails reminding folks that it’s time to replace worn-out running shoes, restock nutritional supplements, or get a clean, intact sticky yoga mat.


  • Increase revenue through reorders and repeat purchases
  • Remind people that you offer these products
  • Remind them about the benefits of reorders – e.g., new shoes protect your feet better

2. Ask for help

Send existing customers an email asking for one thing your business does well and one thing you could improve on.


  • Asking for an improvement AND a strength transforms it into a sincere request versus a self-promoting request for a testimonial
  • Sincere requests for feedback strengthen relationships
  • Asking for one strength gives you a potential selling point you can use in the future
  • Asking for one improvement gives you practical advice on what may need fixing

3. Anniversary or birthday freebie

On your customer’s anniversary with your business, send an email coupon for the complimentary smoothie or energy bar of their choice, or a sizable discount off new workout clothes or equipment. Other possibilities: a no-charge session with a dietitian, wellness coach, or trainer. And freebies that recognize customer birthdays almost always make people smile.


  • Brightens your customer’s day
  • Likely that they’ll tell someone else about it
  • Reminds them to buy products they’ve liked in the past
  • Introduces them to services they haven’t tried and might like

4. Check in with new customers

Email new customers at the 30-day mark and ask them how it’s going. Provide the name, email and telephone number of the manager. Encourage them to reach out with questions or concerns.


  • Creates a connection to a specific person
  • Shows you’re paying attention
  • Helps you jump in fast if something’s not going well

5. VIP invitations

Partner with local businesses or other health and wellness professionals to host an event of interest to your customers. Examples include everything from healthy living seminars to home organization workshops and networking events. Email invitations to your customers.


  • Reinforces relationships with related businesses
  • Makes customers feel special and singled out
  • Offers them new and interesting experiences

Vary your email marketing messages with ideas like these and you’ll keep people reading.