Holiday Marketing Suggestions For Wellness Businesses

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Below you’ll find some great holiday marketing suggestions from readers last week.  Add yours in the comments section below (and we never disclose your email address).

1. A discount or waiver of new member sign-up fees if the prospective member brings a new unwrapped gift for Toys for Tots.

Molly in Pennsylvania says they’ve consistently exceeded new member goals with this promotion.

Love this!  It’s a virtuous circle and since the new customer has to contribute something (the toy), it defuses the issue of ticking off current customers who didn’t happen to get a discount off their initial sign-up fee.

2. Gift certifications for programs and for membership, AKA “Give the Gift of Health.”

Especially good options for employers, suggested by the executive director of a medical fitness facility.

And we’d also suggest “problem/solution-oriented certificates”. For example, offer a certificate that targets new moms who want a moment of peace and serenity.  Or healthy back certificates for office workers.

3. Non-denominational holiday marketing

A word to the wise from Joelle in Detroit who manages marketing for a retailer that sells health and wellness-related items: “We like to keep our holiday marketing non-denominational.  Different customers have different religious and spiritual beliefs so our marketing builds on concepts of hope and promise for the new year that everyone can feel good about.”