Try This: Like Our Wellness Business On Facebook – Because….

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The problem:
We ask health and wellness customers to do things that benefit us –  but we don’t tell them how it will benefit them.

I saw a truck for a commercial electrical supply company the other day that said “Like us on Facebook.” 

My immediate reaction was “Why? What on earth would you have to share that would matter to most people?”

I see wellness businesses make the same mistake all the time.

You say “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow our Twitter feed” but you don’t tell people why they should bother. What’s in it for them?

The solution:
Garnet Hill, a women’s clothing retailer, gives customers three solid reasons, one so-so reason, and one weak reason to “like” them on Facebook:

How wellness businesses can get more Facebook likes and Twitter followers

By the way – this email’s filled with links to their Facebook page, making it super-easy to take action right now.

One caution: don’t promise Facebook-only extras and then make them available elsewhere at the same time.

If you promise special Facebook-only offers, don’t send the same offers at the same time to your newsletter subscribers. They’ll probably notice, and won’t appreciate your bait-and-switch marketing tactics.