Think Pink FAST! 11 Last-Minute October Breast Cancer Awareness Month Promotions

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Yep, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, again. And of course it’s a natural PR opportunity for many health and wellness businesses.

If you didn’t plan anything in advance, consider one of these last-minute promotions to boost the image of your health club, yoga studio or wellness center as a business that gives back.

1) Make a donation to a cancer charity for each new health club member or personal training client who signs up in October (all month or a specific day).

2) Offer an impressive discount to any member or client referred by an oncologist.

3) Dedicate a particular group fitness class or healthy lifestyles workshop to cancer awareness. Donate all or a portion of the proceeds to a cancer charity.

4) Feature the success stories of clients who use your health coaching services and are cancer survivors.

5) Send an email or create a flyer listing your top fitness, nutritional, self-care or other health tips for clients undergoing cancer treatment.

6) Offer a free seminar on the benefits of exercise and other healthy habits in preventing cancer.

7) Create a custom t-shirt at Zazzle featuring your logo – in pink! Offer it for sale and donate half the proceeds to a cancer charity.

8) Invite everyone who’s ever been into your business to join you in one of the many local fundraising walks or runs. Include vendors, potential, current and former clients, etc. Wear shirts with your logo.

9) Add a “donate now” button at the top of your October email newsletter.

10) Enter everyone who buys something in October into a drawing for a pink-ribbon logoed item like the Pink Ribbon iPod. Or offer a small pink-themed freebie with every purchase.

11) Network with a caterer to provide cupcakes decorated with pink ribbons on a particular day. Charge $10 each and donate the proceeds to a cancer charity.