Q&A: How Can We Broaden The Business Focus Of Our Health Club To Wellness

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To broaden the business focus of your health club to wellness, begin to build your business image as a wellness resource. Host short workshops which give your customers tools to reduce stress and anxiety, increasing their satisfaction with their daily lives. Helping them remove these obstacles to wellness begins to position your business as a resource for healthy living, not just physical fitness. (Thanks to Luther M. in Dallas, TX, USA).

More things you can do:

DO: Network to other business professionals in your area to offer classes. Many will contribute time and expertise since these sessions offer new business potential for them.

DO: Market to your existing and lapsed members as well as prospects who have not yet joined.

DO: Present at meetings of local professional organizations, church groups, PTA meetings, etc.

DO: Use relevant books in the sessions to improve credibility and perceived value.

DON’T: Use these workshops as an opportunity to hard-sell club memberships. Remember, you’re trying to expand beyond physical fitness.

For example, many people worry about enjoying the holidays without gaining weight. Network to a local dietician who can lead a session on making favorite holiday recipes healthier. You’ll get great attendance if you make it a hands-on session. Invite a local grocery store to donate ingredients in exchange for sponsorship. Include a book like Low Carb Holiday or Moms’ Guide to Meal Makeovers. Invite your local paper’s lifestyle reporter to the session.