Sales Friction: How Wellness Businesses Scare Off New Clients

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You’ve probably never heard of sales friction – but we guarantee you’ve experienced it!

You run into the grocery store – but the lines are long, and so you walk out again.

You want to buy a house – but to view a listing, you have to call YOUR agent – who has to call THEIR agent – just to schedule a viewing.

You wanted to check out a new health club – but you had to give a phone number just to get a guest pass.

You decide to check out the yoga studio you drive by every day, but only an inexperienced receptionist who can’t answer your questions is available.

You decide to invest in your health by working with a wellness coach, but her website doesn’t show even a price range.

That’s sales friction.

1. When does sales friction occur?

Sales friction occurs when your sales process is:

  • too long (the line at the grocery store)
  • too complicated (working with real estate agents)
  • asks for excessive data (a phone number just to get a guest pass)
  • doesn’t provide the right info at the right time (clueless front desk staff, no prices)

2. What does it feel like to the potential customer?

Potential customers who experience sales friction feel irritation, exhaustion, confusion and anxiety. Here’s what it sounds like:

  • I just want to join the @#*% fitness center. Why can’t they tell me prices over the phone?
  • Why do I need to put my name and address on yet another form? I already gave you this data.
  • I can’t believe I have to fill out a long form just to get your free exercise newsletter!
  • So much conflicting weight loss advice! I’m totally paralyzed about what would work for me.
  • That chiropractor’s website says they file insurance as a courtesy—does that mean I still have to pay upfront?
  • It worked for my neighbor, but my situation is different and I don’t think it’ll work for me.
  • I have no idea when my membership expires.
  • Can’t I just try it for a few weeks before I sign up for a year?
  • Wow, they want me to write down everything I eat for two weeks – that’s going to take forever!

3. How does sales friction harm your business?

Sales friction hurts your business in two ways. First, it discourages potential customers and drives them into the arms of health and wellness professionals who are easier to do business with.

Second, it increases your sales and marketing costs while reducing their effectiveness—a really painful double-whammy.

4. How can we spot and fix sales friction in our wellness business?

Use the chart below to analyze each step of the sales cycle in your wellness business. We’ve included common examples of sales friction within health & wellness businesses:

Examples of sales friction in health & wellness businesses

Next, work with your team to brainstorm ways to streamline your process so that it reduces irritation, exhaustion, confusion and anxiety rather than causing it. Below you’ll see sample solutions that help wellness businesses overcome each of these problems:

Examples of solutions to sales friction in health & wellness businesses