The Ten-Question Business Plan for Fitness, Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle Businesses

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Forget business planning software and business planning books. Building a successful fitness, wellness or healthy lifestyles business comes down to these ten questions:

  1. What specifically will your business sell?
  2. Who specifically will buy it?
  3. Why will they buy it?
  4. How will they become aware that your services exist?
  5. How will they buy your services?
  6. What will it take to make a sale?
  7. How much will they buy and at what price?
  8. What resources will it take to provide your services?
  9. What will it cost to provide your services?
  10. What are the immediate next steps to implement this plan?

These are not simple answers to arrive at. Actually sitting down and taking the time to gather the data to answer this list of questions thoroughly will take time.

But it’s critical to do this exercise. Because all the rest—your marketing, planning and budgeting—all tie-in to how you answer these key questions.

So take a look at your current business plan and compare it to your answers. Make adjustments from there.