Try This: Prescription Trails

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This PR idea positions your wellness business squarely at the front of the battle against obesity and inactivity and gives you tons of networking and media opportunities. Prescription trails can be used as another tool to get folks to increase their activity levels, plus they get to enjoy the great outdoors.

The basic idea is to identify specific walking and running paths in your community as “medical miles” or “prescription trails” and encourage local health and wellness professionals to prescribe use of these neat features as part of a healthier lifestyle.

For great examples and inspiration, here’s information about the Albuquerque and Santa Fe Prescription Trails (includes a super helpful video) and this article describes the Little Rock Medical Mile. For more background, American Trails outlines the concept and how it not only benefits the health of the participants, but the health of our public lands. It also identifies key findings that would help expand such programs across the country.