Make Every Email A (Subtle) Marketing Email

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What if there were a button on your computer…

…and every time you pressed it, you sent a marketing email that would NEVER be reported as spam…NEVER be unsubscribed…and ONLY went to people who were already interested in what you do?

Well, it’s as close as your “send” button. And it can turn every email you write into a subtle marketing email.

Here’s how it works:

Every time you send an email, or respond to an email, you attach your email signature.

Yet most of us waste that space with unnecessary contact details – like fax numbers, or web addresses that are perfectly obvious from our email address:

sample “old school” email signature – no marketing oomph!

Instead, skinny down your contact info to the bare essentials – then add one or two marketing messages to your email signature to promote or publicize whatever’s on the front burner. Now that’s a marketing message!

Have your staff follow a similar process, choosing marketing elements that are most relevant for their role.

For example, your general manager’s signature might promote a free healthy lifestyles seminar. Your front desk staff’s email signature might include this month’s smoothie special. And your group fitness instructor’s signature might promote a new bootcamp that starts later this month.

And place a reminder on your calendar to swap out different elements every two weeks.

Marketing Ideas For Your Email Signature

In the following examples, hyperlink the italicized words to the appropriate page on your website or use a “mailto” link.

1. Upcoming events

RSVP for free 10/10 seminar “5 Ways Exercise Turns Stress Into Positive Energy”

Link to email form or website page promoting event.

2. Attention-getting content

“Wow! Photos from last Saturday’s boot camp at Trinity Park!

Link to website page with photos.

3. Recognition and awards

“4-Year Winner of Hudson Valley Entrepreneur’s Award!”

No need for a link here.

4. Newsletter subscription

“Get monthly recipes, menus, and snack ideas – free!”

Link to your newsletter signup page.

5. invite participation in event you are sponsoring

RSVP to help Joe at our 8/19 Spinning For Sarcoidosis fundraiser”

Link to an email form or “mailto” link, or to the promotional page for this fundraiser on your website.

6. New product announcement

Next week: new C-o-o-o-o-l Yoga class – just the ticket for July” and lemonade will be served!

Link to registration page or schedule page, or simply use a “mailto” link.

7. Your latest blog post or Facebook post

“New: 10 foods I will never touch again

Link to this blog or Facebook post.

8. promotions or special offers

Holiday savings: Fun fitness toys overflow gift baskets…$9.99 & up”

Link to promotional page on website.

9. Staff recognition

Congratulations to Carla, the Lifestyle Center’s newest certified clinical exercise advisor!”

No link required – or you can link to a website page with staff introductions.

10. Reinforce networking relationships

Use almost any of the above ideas – but about a networking partner, not your wellness business

RSVP for Natural Fuel’s lunch & learn “Raw Food: It’s Not Just For Rabbits”

Link to a sign-up form or use a “mailto” link.

11. Recruit staff

“Now hiring: Email me if you know a front-desk superstar who’s organized – and has a great memory for names!”