Try This: Sorting Contenders vs Pretenders When Your Wellness Business Is Hiring

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You know how you get zillions of unqualified responses whenever you post a job –  often from people who clearly didn’t even read the posting closely?

And it happens everywhere –  newspaper, Craigslist, college and university job boards, and on and on.

I love what the guy who started the Buckyballs magnetic toy business does:

After getting hundreds of “cut and paste” responses from unqualified people in response to a bookkeeper job, he changed his approach.

At the VERY end of his job postings he added:

“Put the phrase ‘green M&Ms‘ in your email subject line or your resume will not be considered.”

His logic: if you can’t follow simple instructions in a job listing, he certainly doesn’t want to hire you.

Sure enough, only 25% of the responses he now gets include that phrase! The ones that don’t go into the circular file. Because if someone doesn’t even read the job posting closely, what would they really be like as an employee?!

Same Idea with a Wellness Twist

It’s a great idea and I can see all kinds of logical extensions.

You could include something like this instruction next time you’re hiring a health and wellness professional, again at the VERY end of the posting:

“Include a 25–words-or-less description of how you helped a client with a health concern.”

If they don’t include the description at all, clearly they’re not who you want.

If they do include it, you get a instant assessment of their communication skills and how they approach clients. Either way, you’re much likelier to invest interview time in the best candidates.

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