The Best Interview Questions For Health & Wellness Hiring Managers

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Our fifteen favorite interview questions for pretty much every job in your health and wellness business.

1) What processes did you improve in your last position?

2) Have you ever been fired? Why?

3) Tell me about a specific time your communication skills made a big difference.

4) What’s a creative way to…(tackle a position-appropriate challenge)?

5) What are some things your current employer could do differently to be more successful?

6) What’s the biggest misperception people have of you? Why?

7) What feedback would you give your current manager if asked?

8) Describe a situation in which you worked as part of a team but your team failed to accomplish the goal on time and within budget. What was your role? What did you learn?

9) Describe a situation working in a group or team where there was interpersonal conflict. Describe how you approached the conflict. What worked and what didn’t? How did you handle the outcome?

10) What are the challenges that you would expect from this position?

11) Describe the worst day you ever had at work and how you coped with it. What would you have done differently knowing what you know now?”

12) How do you make a grilled cheese sandwich? (or a hot dog)

Why? You want to see if they think in an organized, process-oriented fashion. Do they describe a procedure, or just say “you cook it on the stove”?

13) Tell me about a time when you were working hard to complete a task and you were asked to leave that task before completing it and start a different job.

14) What are the biggest strengths you will bring to this organization? What are the things you do not like to do, and do not want to work on?

15) Think of someone you’ve had problems with at work and would NEVER use as a reference. Tell me five words they might use to describe you and why? How did you deal with it?