Deluding Yourself About Qualified Fitness and Wellness Prospects?

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Are you killing time with strangers…or selling to qualified fitness, nutrition and wellness prospects? Check your list of prospects against these five questions:

1. Do prospects have a specific problem or opportunity in mind?

  • We lose too many work-days to warehouse back injuries
  • I need to improve my time so I can win my age group
  • I need to get my blood sugar down

2. Do they have the ability to buy your programs?

  • The COO can make this decision and has dollars budgeted for it
  • Your weight loss prospect has the financial ability to pay your fees

 3. Do they have a sense of urgency?

  • My MBO for this quarter is to get a back-protection program in place in the warehouse
  • My doctor said if I can’t get my blood sugar down with exercise he will start me on meds and I am scared of side effects

 4. Do they trust your wellness business?

  • They genuinely perceive you as an expert in solving these problems
  • They believe you act with integrity and have their best interests at heart

 5. Are they listening to what you say?

  • How does your back-protection program work?
  • I travel a lot, how would your program deal with all those restaurants?
  • Do you think your fitness program would work for me?
  • What do you think I should do?

Plenty of individuals and businesses fall into Categories #4 and #5. They trust you, they’ll listen to you – they may even have a specific problem they’d like to solve.

But if they lack urgency and the ability to pay, you’re just killing time chatting with strangers.