Exercise Excuses? Another Perspective

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This thought provoking ad from Nike features UW-Whitewater basketball player Matt Scott.

Watch it and then read some of the comments we received from newsletter subscribers:

We included this link in our 1/18/08 newsletter and heard from some of our readers:

MJ, a yoga professional:
The video kept stopping and replaying from beginning…my persistence in wanting to see the end kept me [watching]. It kept repeating and when I finally got to the end the wheel chair was a shock with all that had been going on in my head with all his excuses over and over again. What do I think of it? For me it brings forth
memories of the great movie I watched about paraplegics and their determination to live fully with their limitations. From a marketing viewpoint? Somewhat manipulative and thought provoking.

Nina D., a nutritionist:
As a nutritionist who insists that each patient exercise (or not return for follow up) – I have heard every excuse under the sun why someone can’t “just do it”. A very powerful message – for those who are physically able but just don’t. I can think of about 6 patients off the top of my head who will be finding that ad when they next open their email. Thank you for all the good work you do in helping me and others in the wellness field.

Paula R, owner of fitness business:
Extraordinary example of the American Excuse, that applies to workout ethics and job ethics. As a former middle school teacher, and present owner of a fitness studio, I have witnessed an unmotivated generation of young people. What happened to black or white, straightforward decisions. Nike does an excellent job of portraying the “gray area” by not adding color to their ad. And then impacting their message with the exiting wheelchair. Motivation is a key factor to keeping clients challenged and focused. Thanks for all your newsletters. I read everyone of them!

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